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Bob Sanders Out 4-6 Weeks

You didn't think he could go two seasons without an injury, did you? Man, the Colts are hurting bad. Theory: The Colts' myriad offensive line injuries, combined with the injury to Sanders, are worse than the Patriots losing Tom Brady. OK, discuss.

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Week 2 DVOA Ratings
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Week 2 DVOA Ratings

Giants fans, have you long awaited the day when Football Outsiders would give your team the proper respect? That day is here, as Big Blue tops the DVOA ratings after two weeks.

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IMPORTANT: Premium Issues

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Hurricane Moves Texans-Ravens to Monday

Just to let people know: Because of Hurricane Ike, the Baltimore at Houston game has been rescheduled for Monday night at 8:30pm EDT. It will not be a shared broadcast with ESPN -- instead, CBS will show it in the markets that were supposed to get Baltimore-Houston this weekend anyway.

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Distant Replay

Mark Bowden, author of The Best Game Ever, breaks down film of the classic 1958 Giants-Colts NFL Championship with Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Hat tip to reader Andrew Byler.

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2008 Quick Reads: Week 1

Here's the first Quick Reads featuring YAR and EYds. (That's right, the folks who didn't like the name "Equivalent Yards (EqYds)" won -- the name will be changed on all the sheets to "Effective Yards" in the next few days.) Sorry this is so late, we're still getting used to our ESPN filing schedule. As a bonus, it includes both Monday Night games.

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Week 1 DVOA Ratings

DVOA is back for 2008, and all shall hail Philadelphia and... Atlanta? Yes, there is a reason you can't take these seriously after just one week. Luckily, our friend DAVE is back too.

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Do Division Games Feature More Upsets?

The first ESPN MNF feature of the season finds that, no, division games don't feature more upsets than other games, even if it sometimes seems that way when Oakland plays Denver or Green Bay plays Minnesota. Also, some small sample size fun with a look at which rivalry most often goes to the better team, and which big NFC East rivalry is actually won the majority of the time by the team with fewer wins overall.

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Remembering Jerry Rice's Torn ACL

I thought it would be interesting to go back and link to an article from the last opening-day injury of this magnitude, Jerry Rice's torn ACL from the first week of 1997. Things didn't end up as bad as people expected -- primarily because Steve Young, who was also hurt in the game, only missed one week with a concussion. The 49ers went 13-3 without Rice, who actually managed to make it back onto the field for Week 16 but didn't play in the postseason.

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Tom Brady Done for Season with Torn ACL

Obviously, the biggest injury of the day, possibly the biggest opening-day injury in NFL history.

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