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Fifth Anniversary Special: Worst RB Seasons, 95-07

Going through the worst running back seasons since 1995 brings up a big question: What makes NFL head coaches lust after Ricky Williams so darn much?

28 comments, Last at 07 Aug 2008, 11:15am by zlionsfan

SITE NEWS: Look, Kids, FO's Annual Call for New Game Charters!

Time for our annual call for game charting volunteers. If you've read Pro Football Prospectus 2008, you know just how valuable this information is. The more charters we have, the quicker we can turn around the data and use it during the season -- and the fewer people who have to cover a full game instead of just one half. If you join the charting project, you'll get access to all the charting data once it is complete. You'll get to contribute your thoughts to our "Game Charters Speak" articles during the season, and your comments may end up in PFP 2009.

9 comments, Last at 11 Aug 2008, 4:18pm by zlionsfan

Fifth Anniversary Special: Best RB Seasons, 95-07

Our list of the best running back seasons since 1995 includes plenty of Marshall Faulk, HOF ammunition for Terrell Davis, and a couple of unexpected names. Amp Lee?

40 comments, Last at 25 Aug 2008, 2:13pm by Sam Larson

Help Add to KUBIAK

Hello, everyone. We'll be adding new material to KUBIAK over the next couple of weeks -- new projection columns and technical features, not just updates on player roles and stats. Auction values are probably the most-requested item, and we're working on that. We're also working on more dymanic ADP data that will match the specific type of league you are in.

38 comments, Last at 20 Aug 2008, 6:51pm by Pete

FO on ESPN: Bad News Bears Offense Has Little Hope

Here's a (somewhat table-free) look at similarity scores for the pathetic 2008 Chicago Bears offense. Yikes.

20 comments, Last at 26 Jul 2008, 5:53pm by johonny

Burik Model Design: Heinz Field

I don't remember where I stumbled upon this, but it is an intricately detailed model of Heinz Field entirely done in LEGO. There's also one for whatever they call the place the Baltimore Ravens play.

13 comments, Last at 25 Jul 2008, 12:35pm by Jimmy

Fifth Anniversary Special: Best and Worst RB Games, 95-07

Our look at the best and worst players by FO stats continues with numerous appearances by Marshall Faulk, Priest Holmes, and Brian Westbrook.

29 comments, Last at 31 Jul 2008, 9:08pm by armchair journeyman quarterback

FO Mailbag: The King (of Run Support) Abdicates the Throne

Who replaced Ronde Barber as the most active cornerback in run support in 2007? (Click link to read more.)

21 comments, Last at 28 Jul 2008, 5:01pm by KCToomer

Texans Training Camp Battle: Running Backs

Quick: Who's the starting running back in Houston? Um... uh... Well, if you've seen the KUBIAK fantasy projections, you know we have no idea either. Of course, since Houston is likely to be competitive this year, and they've hired Alex Gibbs as offensive line coach, this is a pretty important position for fantasy football players. If I had to take a wild stab in the dark, I would go with Steve Slaton actually getting the most carries, splitting time with Ahman Green or Chris Brown depending on which of those injury-plagued veterans is healthy.

12 comments, Last at 24 Jul 2008, 9:28am by socctty

FO Mailbag: Red Zone Interceptions

Does Brett Favre really throw more red zone interceptions than any other quarterback? Well, sort of... (Click to read more.)

27 comments, Last at 25 Jul 2008, 4:51am by ukRaider