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19 Dec 2007, 11:31pm by Aaron Schatz

DVOA on AOL: Week 15

This week's commentary takes on the fourth straight second-half swoon by the New York Giants. Comments on every team include a holiday change in Baltimore, a shocking fact about the Jaguars, preparation for the NFL SAT test, and the Greg Camarillo Fun Trivia Fact of the Week.

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19 Dec 2007, 11:23pm by Aaron Schatz

Parcells Signs with Dolphins

Please, no. No, no, no. Apparently, having screwed over the good people of the state of Georgia, Bill Parcells is close to a four-year deal to become Head of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins. You know what this means, right? Four years of annoying Belichick-Parcells storylines, with a side order of Mangini-Parcells storylines. Please, allow me to bang my head repeatedly into a table and then slowly slit my wrists with a dull butter knife. This is going to be agony. Marv Levy, I beg you, please bring some sanity to this ridiculous division.

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19 Dec 2007, 12:12pm by Aaron Schatz

The Best Special Teams of the Decade

Aaron Schatz looks at the best ten special teams of the DVOA era. (Click link to read more.)

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19 Dec 2007, 10:50am by Aaron Schatz

Parcells to Falcons: Drop Dead

Oh, come on, Tuna. You did this to Tampa Bay back in 1992, now you've bagged out on Atlanta at the last minute... who's next, Carolina or New Orleans?

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18 Dec 2007, 06:00pm by Aaron Schatz

Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Here ya go... let the debate begin. Remember how I said that you couldn't have both Fred Taylor and Jamal Lewis? Turns out you can't have either one. Willie Parker is the third AFC running back. Antonio Cromartie couldn't break the starting lineup in San Diego until Week 10, but he's making the Pro Bowl. Good lineup construction there, Norvinator. Also, the NFC team contains 143 members of the Dallas Cowboys, including the equipment guy and the chick who sells beer on the loge level of the stadium.

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18 Dec 2007, 05:26pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 15 DVOA Ratings

The Patriots join the long history of great teams whose DVOA rating dropped after Week 15. The Steelers and Jaguars are going in opposite directions. And seriously, why is Cincinnati's DVOA so darn high this year?

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18 Dec 2007, 11:14am by Aaron Schatz

2007 Quick Reads: Week 15

This week, inspired by the performances of Matt Moore and Shaun Hill (you know, those guys at the top of the list, above the bigger names), Aaron talks a bit about the debuts of some other undrafted quarterbacks.

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16 Dec 2007, 02:03am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Vikings' Run Dominance Might Not Be Enough

This week's ESPN MNF article discusses the myth that run-oriented teams succeed in the postseason, particularly where it concerns this year's Minnesota Vikings -- one of the most unbalanced teams in NFL history, with offense and defense far superior on running plays as opposed to passing plays.

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15 Dec 2007, 02:21pm by Aaron Schatz

Florida All-Century High School Football Team

This is pretty cool. It's always fun learning new things about your favorite players, and where else would you have Pat Summerall and Tim Tebow on the same team? Did you know that Warren Sapp was a linebacker and punter in high school? Ray Lewis had six kick and punt returns for touchdowns? It's also interesting to learn about the older guys, who didn't all make it into the NFL, guys like Willie Gallimore, "the best Florida high school running back until Emmitt Smith." And apparently, Rick Casares was named one of five high school players who could have gone directly to the NFL.

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13 Dec 2007, 04:22pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 15

Here's the latest edition of our weekly column with interesting stats about each of the week's games. This week, learn some interesting facts about Boone Stutz, Derrick Pope, and Walpole's Own Todd Collins. Plus: We now have enough game charting data to throw some into Numbers Crunching! Huzzah!

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