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FO Mailbag: Asante Samuel vs. Ellis Hobbs

If Asante Samuel is so good, why weren't the Patriots shutting down the other team's number-one receiver all year? (Click link to read more.)

23 comments, Last at 03 Jun 2008, 4:38pm by TGT

Sneak Preview: KUBIAK Top 25

Hey, Football Outsiders, where have you been lately? Finishing a book, if you really want to know. Care to get a preview? (Click link to read more.)

63 comments, Last at 01 Jun 2008, 6:05pm by Raiderjoe

Suggs Case Leads to New Franchise Designation

This seems like a nice compromise. The NFLPA, the owners, the Ravens, and Terrell Suggs's agent have all come to an agreement creating a new position for franchise tags which will cover hybrid 3-4 players like Suggs. He's going to be franchised as a "defensive end-linebacker" and the tender will now be worth the average between the official tender amounts for the two positions, roughly $8.5 million instead of $8.1 million (linebacker) or $8.9 million (defensive end).

44 comments, Last at 18 May 2008, 7:03am by langsty

The Creative Difference

Long, in-depth feature from today's San Francisco Chronicle about Mike Martz, his history, and the impact he may have on the San Francisco offense. Lots of interesting stuff here, but of course, it all comes down to whether Alex Smith (or Shaun Hill) is really any good.

32 comments, Last at 12 May 2008, 5:32pm by zenbitz

NFL Needs to Change How Rookies Are Paid

Finally, a reason to get excited about the Week 17 Washington-San Francisco game. Vernon Davis is totally going to want to kick Chris Cooley's ass after he reads this. Cooley sure does have a point, though.

72 comments, Last at 02 May 2008, 5:33pm by MJK

FO on Adding Star WR Rarely Improves Team

After the recent success of Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, teams are chomping at the bit to trade for Chad Johnson. But Owens and Moss aside, adding a star receiver doesn't generally lead to significant improvement. Losing a star receiver, however, usually leads to decline.

29 comments, Last at 28 Apr 2008, 9:59pm by Alex

Jared Allen to Vikings

Officially, as of tomorrow. Are the Vikings a quarterback away from being the best team in the NFC? Jared Allen is a great player. This is a serious coup for Minnesota. The Chiefs will receive Minnesota's first-round pick (17th overall) and two third-rounders. while the Chiefs will make Allen the highest-paid defensive lineman in football, surpassing Dwight Freeney.

144 comments, Last at 29 Apr 2008, 3:11am by t.d.

Dolphins Have Contract with Jake Long

And the St. Louis Rams are on the clock.

50 comments, Last at 24 Apr 2008, 5:10am by Xeynon

Remember Taco Wallace?

Somebody's been having some fun with the Wikipedia.

22 comments, Last at 20 Apr 2008, 7:46pm by ineedawittyname

Steve McNair Retires

Big news out of Baltimore, where Steve McNair will be announcing his retirement at 1pm Eastern. A little bit of a surprise, I suppose, but only because McNair has not been the subject of non-stop Hamlet-like "will he or won't he" debate for years like Brett Favre has been. The guy is 35, has loads of injuries, and is coming off his worst year, so this is a good time. I don't think McNair has Hall of Fame credentials, but I hope that he is remembered as a player who worked hard to make himself better.

44 comments, Last at 21 Apr 2008, 3:26pm by Bobman