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Kevin Jones Tears ACL

Well, you can write off Kevin Jones for much of the 2008 season. The dude is just cursed.

7 comments, Last at 26 Dec 2007, 1:37am by andrew

Before the Turner Frenzy Begins, Consider These Cautionary Tales

The final ESPN Monday Night Football feature from Football Outsiders is an adaptation of a piece Bill Barnwell wrote for Boston Sports Media Watch back when the Patriots played the Chargers in Week 2. We know that in the coming off-season, some team will sign Michael Turner to be their starting running back, but do they know what they're getting? If you don't know Turner's DVOA rating for 2007, you are probably in for a bit of a shock.

12 comments, Last at 27 Dec 2007, 6:06am by Scott

Charting Defensive Backs 2007

Here's a look at our game charting data for defensive backs through Week 13. Which team's cornerbacks might be a lot better than we realized? Which Pro Bowl selection was a lifetime achievement award for a player having unexpected struggles in 2007? And how astonishingly bad has Jason David really been?

69 comments, Last at 03 Feb 2008, 3:23pm by rob

2007 Media Awards

Hey hey. Congratulations to our very own Michael David Smith for being one of three writers named "Mainstream Sports Media Bloggers of the Year" by media columnist Richard Deitsch. We're such proud parents, just kvelling here. Keep it up, Mike. I also want to give props to Deitsch for his comments about ESPN Radio's Ryen Russillo. Russillo spent a long time working his way up the radio ladder, doing time at Boston's signal strength-impaired 1510 The Zone. (I actually auditioned to be his co-host four months before launching FO.

16 comments, Last at 06 Jan 2008, 10:46pm by mush

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 16

Here's this week's look at all 16 NFL games using Football Outsiders numbers. This week: Find out which NFL cornerback is the Human Target, which NFL offense is getting blitzed the most, and which game is the matchup of the week for everyone who loves fullbacks.

11 comments, Last at 21 Dec 2007, 5:20pm by Greg

'72 Dolphins Keep Perfection in Perspective

Do the '72 Dolphins really sit around the television every Sunday, hoping for a Patriots loss? Elizabeth Merrill of says that most of these retired NFL greats are just worried about their current lives.

18 comments, Last at 23 Dec 2007, 1:09am by Chad Gerson

DVOA on AOL: Week 15

This week's commentary takes on the fourth straight second-half swoon by the New York Giants. Comments on every team include a holiday change in Baltimore, a shocking fact about the Jaguars, preparation for the NFL SAT test, and the Greg Camarillo Fun Trivia Fact of the Week.

9 comments, Last at 20 Dec 2007, 6:17pm by Wanker79

Parcells Signs with Dolphins

Please, no. No, no, no. Apparently, having screwed over the good people of the state of Georgia, Bill Parcells is close to a four-year deal to become Head of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins. You know what this means, right? Four years of annoying Belichick-Parcells storylines, with a side order of Mangini-Parcells storylines. Please, allow me to bang my head repeatedly into a table and then slowly slit my wrists with a dull butter knife. This is going to be agony. Marv Levy, I beg you, please bring some sanity to this ridiculous division.

62 comments, Last at 23 Dec 2007, 12:00pm by BDC

The Best Special Teams of the Decade

Aaron Schatz looks at the best ten special teams of the DVOA era. (Click link to read more.)

Parcells to Falcons: Drop Dead

Oh, come on, Tuna. You did this to Tampa Bay back in 1992, now you've bagged out on Atlanta at the last minute... who's next, Carolina or New Orleans?

87 comments, Last at 21 Dec 2007, 1:33am by sippican