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TMQ's All-Unwanted All-Pros

Ah, it's time for that annual trip through land of the undrafted. I will say that this year, Gregg seems to mention nearly every undrafted player as "honorable mention." At a certain point, it is really no longer shocking that undrafted players sometimes turn out to be better than drafted players.

30 comments, Last at 24 Jan 2008, 7:30am by LnGrrrR

2007 Quick Reads: Week 20

The top players of championship weekend, according to FO stats, and a cautionary tale for Eli Manning's new fans.

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FO Mailbag: Will Allen

When SI's Dr. Z put together his All-Pro cornerback tandem, was he out of his mind? Not really, but his mistake may surprise you. (Click to read more.)

18 comments, Last at 03 Feb 2008, 9:16am by steve

MMQB: Arizona-Bound

With all due respect to Peter King, I have one question about this week's MMQB: If Tom Coughlin is so good at installing discipline, why didn't it take until the last four games of his fourth season in New York? If plus-five in turnover differential is a sign of Coughlin's coaching, then minus-ten during the regular season is also a sign of Coughlin's coaching.

16 comments, Last at 22 Jan 2008, 2:21am by mush

Ravens Hire John Harbaugh as Head Coach

Who was it who recently asked why special teams coaches were never considered to be hired as head coaches? Score one for the special teams -- just a year late. Harbaugh was the special teams coach for all those years where Philadelphia had consistently strong special teams. He spent the last year as the secondary coach. Yes, he's the brother of former quarterback (and Stanford head coach) Jim Harbaugh.

19 comments, Last at 23 Jan 2008, 9:02pm by Tom Kelso

2008 NFC Championship Preview

How did the Giants become the hottest team in the NFL? Could it really be as simple as "Eli Manning is playing better?" Why yes, it really is that simple. Is that better version of Eli Manning good enough to keep Brett Favre from his third NFC title? That may depend more on the Giants secondary.

45 comments, Last at 21 Jan 2008, 11:44am by Gerry

2008 AFC Championship Preview

New England continues its march to 19-0 and history. Can the hobbled Chargers possibly stand in their way? If they want the answer to be "yes," they'll need more consistency from the running game, most creativity in their blitz packages, and better play in the middle of the secondary.

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ESPN Numbers Crunching: Championship Weekend

Here are the ESPN stat notebooks for the AFC and NFC championship games. More to come with our game previews on Friday.

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DVOA on AOL: Week 19

Here's the final NFL Power Rankings on AOL for the 2007 season, with comments.

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Bill Simmons Podcast Championship Preview

Here we are, me and Bill Simmons, previewing this weekend's championship games. We get a little Patriots-centric in here, apologies to those of you from the rest of the country. Also, can you tell from the quality of my voice that I'm fighting off a cold? Man, this has been the sickest year of my life. My stuff starts the podcast, it goes about a half hour, and you can hear it by going to the Sports Guy page and looking in the upper right corner.

30 comments, Last at 18 Jan 2008, 11:54pm by Matt Saracen - QB1 - Dillon Panthers