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Fifth Anniversary Special: Best and Worst WR Seasons, 95-07

Find out all the wide receiver records in DVOA and DYAR, from the best (Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Az Hakim) to the worst (Bobby Wade, Dez White, Az Hakim).

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Insanely Deep IDP Expert's League: LIVE!

Some readers may remember that a year ago, Mike Tanier and I participated in an IDP Expert's League sponsored by CBS Sportsline. The league was ridiculously deep, with a starting lineup that included two RB, three WR, AND a Flex, plus EIGHT IDP per week. Yes, eight. It was our first year trying this, and we were awful, primarily because we seemed to draft every player KUBIAK was wrong about and skip every player KUBIAK was right about. (Ladell Betts? Sure. Donovan McNabb? Yep. Donte' Stallworth?

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Orton Named Bears' Starting Quarterback

No, we didn't need to improve the position over the offseason, what are you talking about?

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They're Called The What?

Fun little bit from P-F-R, where Chase Stuart goes back and traces the history of the nicknames of each AFC team. Apparently, half the teams in the NFL wanted to call themselves the "Panthers" at one time or another. OK, I may be exaggerating. NFC coming later this week.

95 comments, Last at 18 Aug 2008, 10:10am by Jero D

Fifth Anniversary Special: Best and Worst WR/TE Games, 95-07

Next up for our look at the best and worst of the DVOA Era: wide receivers and tight ends, featuring Ocho Cinco, T.O., Tony Gonzalez, and Vincent Brisby's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

36 comments, Last at 18 Aug 2008, 8:31am by Ralph

Bobby Engram Out 6-8 Weeks

Raise your hand if you want to play wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks! Let's see, Bobby Engram is out for the first month of the year, Deion Branch is still on PUP, D.J. Hackett is gone... that leaves Nate Burleson and either Courtney Taylor or Ben Obomanu as your opening day starters. And yet, I have a feeling that this isn't going to be that much of a problem. Seattle's first three opponents are Buffalo, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Even with questionable receivers, how hard will it be for Matt Hasselbeck to find open guys against those secondaries?

11 comments, Last at 13 Aug 2008, 9:16am by Benjy Rose

Brett Favre Traded to Jets

Scoop of the year for Jay Glazer, or just another wrong turn in a soap opera full of faints and fakes?

Update: Michael Smith is confirming. Oh boy.

92 comments, Last at 08 Aug 2008, 7:23pm by Andrew Age

Fifth Anniversary Special: Worst RB Seasons, 95-07

Going through the worst running back seasons since 1995 brings up a big question: What makes NFL head coaches lust after Ricky Williams so darn much?

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SITE NEWS: Look, Kids, FO's Annual Call for New Game Charters!

Time for our annual call for game charting volunteers. If you've read Pro Football Prospectus 2008, you know just how valuable this information is. The more charters we have, the quicker we can turn around the data and use it during the season -- and the fewer people who have to cover a full game instead of just one half. If you join the charting project, you'll get access to all the charting data once it is complete. You'll get to contribute your thoughts to our "Game Charters Speak" articles during the season, and your comments may end up in PFP 2009.

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Fifth Anniversary Special: Best RB Seasons, 95-07

Our list of the best running back seasons since 1995 includes plenty of Marshall Faulk, HOF ammunition for Terrell Davis, and a couple of unexpected names. Amp Lee?

40 comments, Last at 25 Aug 2008, 2:13pm by Sam Larson