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Fifth Anniversary Special: Best and Worst QB Seasons 95-07

Continuing our look at the best and worst players since 1995 according to DYAR, this time with quarterback seasons and career totals. Surprise: Peyton Manning appears repeatedly.

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Scholarly Seminole

Florida State safety Myron Rolle is on pace to graduate pre-med in less than three years with a 3.75 GPA. He is probably a first-round pick in next year's NFL draft, but he may put off the NFL for a year if he manages to win a Rhodes scholarship. All I can say is "Wow."

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FO Chat on

Here's a transcript of today's chat promoting Pro Football Prospectus 2008. Among the subjects discussed: Poor projections for the Bears, good projections for the Ravens, and why so many wide receivers come out so high in the 2008 KUBIAK numbers. Plus: The difference between DPAR and DYAR in three sentences or less.

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FO Mailbag: Best Defense Never to Win a Title

Answering a question which recently came up in another discussion thread... which is the best defense in NFL history that never took home a championship? (Click to read more.)

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Fifth Anniversary Special: Best and Worst QB Games 95-07

Happy (Early) Birthday to Us! We kick off the fifth anniversary celebration with this look at the best and worst quarterback games of the DVOA Era according to our new and improved DYAR stats.

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Peyton Manning Out 4-6 Weeks

Commence panic in three... two... one... Peyton Manning had surgery to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee and is out 4-6 weeks. Assuming there are no complications, he'll miss training camp and be back before the regular season begins. I suppose this could hurt the Colts because he'll have less time to practice timing with receivers, but he's played with those guys forever anyway. Perhaps this might hurt our big sleeper Anthony Gonzalez, but I'm still a lot more worried about Marvin Harrison than I am about Manning, Gonzalez, or the Colts as a team.

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DYAR Mailbag

Aaron Schatz re-introduces True Yards (which now works correctly) and answers your questions about our new DYAR stats, explaining what changed and what didn't. Plus: Whatever happened to adjusting DVOA for weather?

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FO on Top RB Draft Classes

This week's column uses the method from PFP 2007's "Best Running Back Seasons" essay to figure out the best running back draft classes in modern NFL history. Part one looks at the best rookie seasons, while part two looks at the best classes in career value. Both parts are now posted as of Friday afternoon.

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Super Bowl Performance Has Spagnuolo Highly Touted did this big poll of head coaches, asking mostly the usual questions ("Which player would you start a franchise with?") but also some unexpected ones, like "Who's the best assistant coach in the league." Surprise, surprise, the winner was the same man who won last year's FO Bill Arnsbarger award for best coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo of the Giants. If he's not a head coach by March 2009, I'll be shocked. I always like these "who would make a good head coach" discussions because it is nice to hear about some of the lesser-known assistants out there.

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DPAR is Dead

With KUBIAK now on sale and Pro Football Prospectus 2008 ready to hit stores, it's time to introduce the big changes in our individual stats for the 2008 season. Say goodbye to DPAR and hello to DYAR and True Yards.

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