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Kicking Around Some Baseball with Stephen Gostkowski

I just wanted to point out this little interview done by our partners at Baseball Prospectus with former University of Memphis pitcher (now New England kicker) Stephen Gostkowski. Now if I can only get those guys to point out that what makes Gostkowski so good is his kickoff distance, not his field goals...

8 comments, Last at 01 Jul 2008, 8:09pm by Chris

FO on ESPN: Losing Strahan Might Hurt Giants

This week's column takes a look at what happens to teams that lose a top pass rusher in the offseason. On average, a strong pass rush will take a substantial hit when one of its stars departs -- but adding a top pass rusher has a smaller impact than adding a top offensive lineman.

15 comments, Last at 25 Jun 2008, 12:42pm by Lance S.

FO on ESPN: Losing Ogden Shouldn't Hurt Ravens

With the book behind us, weekly FO columns on return. This week, we look at teams that lose a star offensive lineman. The numbers were pretty surprising -- as a group, teams that lose a star lineman don't tend to decline. For every team like the Chiefs of the last couple years, there's a team like the 2000 Vikings or 2006 Saints. Adding a top lineman? That's a different story, one that will give Jets fans a reason for optimism.

24 comments, Last at 17 Jun 2008, 10:32pm by TonyAngelo

FOX Reports Michael Strahan Retirement

Michael Strahan pulls an Elway and goes out on top, telling Jay Glazer "exclusively" that he definitely is retiring after the Giants' Super Bowl win. On the surface, this seems like something the Giants should be able to deal with, putting Justin Tuck into the starting lineup and using Mathias Kiwanuka more at defensive end again. Nonetheless, it is a big blow to their depth; remember, the package is not called "Three Aces." This is the kind of change that definitely could mean the difference between making and missing the postseason.

37 comments, Last at 29 May 2012, 12:12pm by Summer

MMQB: The Cautionary Tale of Jason Peter

Hey kids, apparently it is NFL book season. Peter King has an advance look at books by former Carolina lineman Jason Peter, who loves the drugs and whores, and Giants wide receiver David Tyree, who prefers the Jesus to the drugs and whores. He also writes about Cedric Benson, who loves the booze and doesn't seem to love the idea of being a starting running back. His position on drugs and whores is unknown at this time. (Note: PFP 2008 is entirely whore-free, but does contain an essay by Will Carroll on the abuse of painkillers.)

40 comments, Last at 12 Jun 2008, 6:35pm by Temo

FO Interview: Bill Polian

Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian tells Football Outsiders how the 2006 Colts were different from the Colts of the past, which of his players have improved the most over their careers, and how he built the Carolina Panthers so fast.

49 comments, Last at 25 Jun 2008, 5:05pm by Tom D

FO Mailbag: Asante Samuel vs. Ellis Hobbs

If Asante Samuel is so good, why weren't the Patriots shutting down the other team's number-one receiver all year? (Click link to read more.)

23 comments, Last at 03 Jun 2008, 4:38pm by TGT

Sneak Preview: KUBIAK Top 25

Hey, Football Outsiders, where have you been lately? Finishing a book, if you really want to know. Care to get a preview? (Click link to read more.)

63 comments, Last at 01 Jun 2008, 6:05pm by Raiderjoe

Suggs Case Leads to New Franchise Designation

This seems like a nice compromise. The NFLPA, the owners, the Ravens, and Terrell Suggs's agent have all come to an agreement creating a new position for franchise tags which will cover hybrid 3-4 players like Suggs. He's going to be franchised as a "defensive end-linebacker" and the tender will now be worth the average between the official tender amounts for the two positions, roughly $8.5 million instead of $8.1 million (linebacker) or $8.9 million (defensive end).

44 comments, Last at 18 May 2008, 7:03am by langsty

The Creative Difference

Long, in-depth feature from today's San Francisco Chronicle about Mike Martz, his history, and the impact he may have on the San Francisco offense. Lots of interesting stuff here, but of course, it all comes down to whether Alex Smith (or Shaun Hill) is really any good.

32 comments, Last at 12 May 2008, 5:32pm by zenbitz