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28 Sep 2017, 07:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: September 28

This week on the Off The Charts podcast, we expand upon this week's DVOA commentary to talk about why Pittsburgh is a surprising No. 2 and Atlanta is surprisingly not No. 2. We also hit Tankapalooza and talk about whether the Giants or Chargers should consider moving on from their aging quarterbacks after this season. Then Mike Tanier joins us to talk about his Bleacher Report piece on the Seahawks' struggles and what he's seen this year from the Philadelphia Eagles.

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26 Sep 2017, 07:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 3 DVOA Ratings

Kansas City is No. 1 in DVOA after three big wins, but Atlanta is surprisingly not No. 2... or even close. Plus: What if we put in opponent adjustments a little earlier than normal? It helps the NFC East.

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22 Sep 2017, 11:20am by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: September 21

This week on the Off The Charts podcast, we talk about the new downfield passing of Carson Wentz and Alex Smith, and the issue of whether throwing to Jarvis Landry too much hurts the Miami offense. Special guest is NFL scout Ryan Hollern, formerly of the Saints and Bills, who discusses prospects he's had his eyes on early in the season. Does the scouting match the analytics?

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21 Sep 2017, 12:14pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Best Coordinators of the Past 25 Years

Or, the Wade Phillips List. The headline here doesn't quite get at what we were trying to do, which was look at coordinators with success at multiple stops. So we only included those coaches who have led units for at least three franchises in the last 25 years. Al Saunders and Ernie (not Ken) Zampese top the offensive list, Phillips the defensive list, and Scott O'Brien the special teams list. (Dave Toub has only worked for two franchises, so he didn't qualify to be listed.)

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19 Sep 2017, 07:59pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 2 DVOA Ratings

The 2-0 teams are on top, led by No. 1 Baltimore and the best defensive DVOA ever measured through Week 2. The 0-2 teams are on bottom, except for the Los Angeles Chargers, who are cursed.

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19 Sep 2017, 02:06pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Ranking 0-2 Teams by Playoff Odds

You've all heard those stats about how only 12 percent of teams since 1990 have made the playoffs after starting 0-2. Yet at least one team has done it each of the past four seasons. Who has the best chance this year? Unfortunately, the best 0-2 team so far is also stuck in a division with three 2-0 teams.

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17 Sep 2017, 06:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 2 Open Game Discussion

Here's the thread for open discussion of all Week 2 NFL's games, starting on Thursday night with Houston at Cincinnati, then going all day Sunday, and ending with Detroit at the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

Because of issues we are having with spam on the message boards, we're going to try something new (that's actually something very old) and host the open discussion with a standard FO post instead this week. Please let us know if this creates problems because of server slowness.

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15 Sep 2017, 01:42pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Interview: Bill Belichick

The perfect cap to our 1986-1988 DVOA unveiling: the coaching legend shares thoughts on the greatness of Mark Bavaro, the horrible Giants replacement players, and the cutthroat NFC East of the late '80s.

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14 Sep 2017, 11:33pm by Aaron Schatz

1986 DVOA Ratings and Commentary

Great NFC defenses dominated the NFL in 1986, but while Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, and the Bears led the league in DVOA, it was the No. 3 Giants who took home the Super Bowl title. Plus: Crazy Chiefs, Patriots who couldn't run, and the Jets go Full Kotite.

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14 Sep 2017, 06:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: September 14

This week on the Off The Charts podcast, we look at some charting stats from the Chiefs' big upset of the Patriots and play "jump to conclusions" about the Rams, Eagles, and other teams. We also wonder if Baker Mayfield might be a better NFL prospect than most people believe, and preview the most important game for our playoff odds: Tennessee at Jacksonville. (Click for audio link.)

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