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Welcome to FO 3.0

Wherein our intrepid Webmaster introduces the new site.

107 comments, Last at 01 Oct 2008, 5:51pm by Arren

Duck to Lion to Dolphin to Falcon

The Atlanta Journal-Consititution is reporting that MDS favorite Joey Harrington will be competing with the likes of D.J. Shockley and Chris Redman to back up Michael Vick in the ATL. I guess management decided they needed some marquee value at QB.

35 comments, Last at 11 Apr 2007, 12:44pm by Optimistic Packer Fan

Ron Mexico and the Mysterious Case of The Dark Particulate

Everyone's favorite polarizing QB was at it again on Wednesday. Mikey-Mike was at a security-screening checkpoint at Miami International Airport and wouldn't throw away a water bottle. He eventually did, a TSA official retrieved it, and found a not-too-hidden compartment in the bottle which allegedly contained a "dark particulate" that smelled like marijuana, according to the police report. Here's a diagram.

64 comments, Last at 20 Jan 2007, 6:01am by andrew

Obscene Gesture Will Cost Vick $20K

I officially deem this Rickdiculous. Rather than flipping the dirty birds at the (rightfully) angry fans, Vick should have just gone for the guy's knees. Would have been almost the same fine.

35 comments, Last at 30 Nov 2006, 10:50pm by antwaan

DJ talks NFL on

DJ Gallo gives a rundown of the key games each week of the season with his usual blend of wit and, well, wit. Some funny stuff here, including showing the Pats some disrespect. My favorite quip is from week 15: "Cleveland at Baltimore -- Punting is awesome."

28 comments, Last at 11 Apr 2006, 3:04pm by Green Bay for Life

Jets and Giants Agree to Share New Stadium

I guess this makes them domestic partners. As a lifelong Jets fan and former Long Islander, I feel dirty. It's nice that they'll get a permanent home, but, um, IT'S IN NEW JERSEY! The oddest quote from the article had to be from Patricia Dolan, president of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Conservancy, which had opposed the Queens stadium plan: "I am delighted that the Jets made the right decision and will be staying in New Jersey where they belong." Huh?

Wonder who they'll bury in the end zone of the new stadium.

23 comments, Last at 30 Sep 2005, 6:43pm by Carl

Diet Site

You like us ... you really, really like us. A whole lot. And we thank you for that. Unfortunately, our web server wasn't exactly prepared for the onslaught of love you've shown for us. Our resident Web Guyâ„¢ explains what happened, and gives the rundown on the trimmed down

54 comments, Last at 09 Oct 2005, 2:00pm by Sid

My Cup Runneth Away

Nothing like an article about testicles to start your day.'s David Fleming examines the phenomenon that is a cup-less NFL. Apparently, protecting your manhood goes a long way towards disproving it. Filled with phrases like "high-velocity impact to the groin," this article is good for at least a wince or two. Go Nads!

Everything Old is New Again

In which our fearless programmer explains the new site, how to find content, how to contribute to the discussions, and other detritus.