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Quick Reads: Wild Card Weekend
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Quick Reads: Wild Card Weekend

Are Aaron Rodgers and LaDainian Tomlinson any more "clutch" because they won this weekend? And which receiver finished last in DYAR without dropping a single target?

76 comments, Last at 14 Jan 2011, 2:55pm by evenchunkiermonkey
Audibles at the Line: Wild Card Weekend
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Audibles at the Line: Wild Card Weekend

Did Michael Vick make the wrong throw? Why won't teams run up the middle on fourth-and-1? And how bad is Jim Caldwell?

181 comments, Last at 13 Jan 2011, 9:50am by nat

Nnamdi Asomugha's Contract Voided, Becomes Free Agent

The contract of Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has been voided after Asomugha played fewer snaps in 2010 than he did in 2009 (thanks to injury). The Raiders are unable to designate him their franchise or transition player as per the terms of the deal, making Asomugha an unrestricted free agent.

102 comments, Last at 12 Jan 2011, 4:03pm by tuluse

49ers To Hire Jim Harbaugh

Adam Schefter is reporting that the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh have come to terms on a five-year deal. No word yet on the money involved.

61 comments, Last at 10 Jan 2011, 12:48pm by bravehoptoad
NFC Wild Card Preview
Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images

NFC Wild Card Preview

Can the Packers handle the Eagles blitz? Which cornerback is having a career year, and which one has slipped dramatically? And how can the Seahawks win?

32 comments, Last at 09 Jan 2011, 1:33pm by caruthers

Dolphins Retaining Tony Sparano

After all-but-publicly begging Jim Harbaugh to become their next head coach, the Dolphins have suddenly decided that Tony Sparano is their best option and will apparently retain him as their head coach.

37 comments, Last at 11 Jan 2011, 12:54am by Noah Arkadia

Jason Campbell: "I Was The Scapegoat"

Our friend Jamie Mottram of the DC-centric Mister Irrelevant blog conducted an interview with Jason Campbell discussing whether he got a fair shake in Washington.

30 comments, Last at 11 Jan 2011, 1:01pm by ArizonaCardinalsFan

SITE NEWS: Audibles Charity Auction

Here's your chance to join FO's Audibles at the Line column for one week. (Click to read more.)

17 comments, Last at 10 Jan 2011, 4:34pm by PatsFan

Are the Jets a Disappointment?

I had a nice chat with Will Leitch over at New York Magazine about the Jets' numbers this year and their chances of beating the Colts.

43 comments, Last at 17 Jan 2011, 4:52am by SteveNC

Andrew Luck Going Back to School

Quarterback Andrew Luck will return to Stanford for his junior season.

87 comments, Last at 03 Sep 2011, 6:14am by gotchathere