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24 May 2018, 12:09pm by Derrik Klassen

Four Downs: AFC West

There's a serious need for defensive help in Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Oakland. In Denver, meanwhile, the Broncos must determine whether or not Case Keenum can really be a long-term solution at quarterback.

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18 Apr 2018, 12:32pm by Derrik Klassen

Futures: Ronnie Harrison

Though teammate Minkah Fitzpatrick gets more headlines, the other Alabama safety prospect in this year's draft deserves plenty of attention too.

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04 Apr 2018, 02:36pm by Derrik Klassen

Futures: Josh Allen

Is the Wyoming quarterback as good as his highlights, or as bad as his numbers? Derrik Klassen breaks down the film and finds the answer is "yes."

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21 Mar 2018, 12:05pm by Derrik Klassen

Futures: Josh Rosen

UCLA's quarterback clearly has the talent to succeed as an NFL starter. The question is whether or not he can avoid enough mistakes to become a superstar.

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09 Mar 2018, 11:09am by Derrik Klassen

Four Downs: AFC West

If you are an unemployed defensive player, you would be wise to send your resume to the Chiefs, Chargers, or Raiders. As for Denver, they will try to replace Peyton Manning for the third year in a row.

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08 Mar 2018, 12:33pm by Derrik Klassen

Futures: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Man-to-man. Zone coverage. Run-stuffing. Pass-rushing. Alabama's Swiss Army knife defensive back can do it all, which makes him especially valuable in a league based on matchups and versatility.

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21 Feb 2018, 12:57pm by Derrik Klassen

Futures: Baker Mayfield

Oklahoma's quarterback isn't just a product of the system, and he didn't just put up great numbers because he got to play in the Big 12. Derrik Klassen says the Heisman Trophy winner has what it takes to be a quality starter in the NFL.

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31 Jan 2018, 03:18pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Rob Gronkowski

The skeleton key in New England's offense, Gronk is a matchup nightmare for any defense -- and an especially difficult opponent for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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18 Jan 2018, 12:45pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Case Keenum

The surgical efficiency of the Vikings quarterback has been one of the biggest shocks of the 2017 season. Derrik Klassen explains what Keenum does well -- and what the Eagles can do to shut him down in the NFC Championship Game.

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04 Jan 2018, 12:42pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Cam Newton

Sunday's loss to Atlanta showed the best and worst of Cam Newton. With Carolina's offense in dire straits, can the quarterback carry the load like never before in the playoffs?

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