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27 Jun 2008, 06:53am by Michael David Smith

Prisco's Top 50 Players

Pete Prisco is out with his annual list of the 50 best players in the NFL. We've already discussed the top two players ad nauseam, so let's see if we can keep these comments interesting and focus on the players ranked 3-50.

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06 May 2008, 02:43pm by Michael David Smith

Ohio Celebrates a Game of Foot Ball

In Sunday's New York Times I wrote a story about the 1890 Ohio State vs. Ohio Wesleyan game, which was the first intercollegiate football game for both schools.

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25 Apr 2008, 01:40pm by Michael David Smith

A Draft When No One Drops?

At the New York Times Fifth Down blog, I write today that the six players at Radio City Music Hall are likely to be chosen before the draft is an hour old.

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18 Apr 2008, 04:08pm by Michael David Smith

The Myth of Mike Mamula

At the New York Times' Fifth Down blog this week I wrote about Mike Mamula, tight ends and the spread offense, Bill Walsh reading mock drafts, the NFL schedule a

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15 Apr 2008, 02:28pm by Michael David Smith

2008 NFL Schedule Released

Which team gets a brutal stretch of road games? Which team deserves more prime time appearances? Leave your thoughts on the 2008 schedule in comments.

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11 Apr 2008, 01:00pm by Michael David Smith

Dennis Dixon Tells General Managers to Check His Web Site

My most recent post at the New York Times Fifth Down blog is on Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon, who's hoping his personal Web site convinces NFL teams to draft him.

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04 Apr 2008, 01:51pm by Michael David Smith

In Defense of the Stiff Arm

At the New York Times' Fifth Down blog I write about my objections to the new point of emphasis against stiff arms to the face.

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29 Mar 2008, 11:39am by Michael David Smith

Why Jerry Jones Won't Draft Darren McFadden

My most recent post at the New York Times' Fifth Down blog examines Jerry Jones' comments that he doesn't want a Top 5 draft pick.

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06 Feb 2008, 05:35pm by Michael David Smith

Breaking Down Eli Manning to David Tyree

Over at FanHouse, I used 11 Getty Images pictures to share my thoughts about that wild Eli Manning-to-David Tyree play in the final minute of the Super Bowl.

My only question: What do we call this play? The best name I've heard so far comes from Dov Kramer, producer at Sports Radio 66, WFAN, who called it The Flee to Tyree. Any other ideas?

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06 Feb 2008, 05:32pm by Michael David Smith

No More 'Inside the NFL' on HBO

The longest-running series on cable television, Inside the NFL, will air on HBO for the last time this week. That doesn't necessarily mean that the show is over for good -- the NFL says it's planning to bring it back on another network -- but it does mean we've seen the end of an era for a show that, at one time, was the only in-depth NFL highlights show available on television.

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