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20 Feb 2014, 08:08pm by Mike Kurtz

Four Downs: NFC North

Three teams with defensive issues that need to be solved, and one that has them as well but needs a quarterback even more.

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21 Mar 2013, 12:33pm by Mike Kurtz

2013 Amended Rules Analysis

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the owners changed six of the NFL's official rules. What does this mean for the 2013 season? (Click to read more.)

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14 Feb 2013, 12:09am by Mike Kurtz

Four Downs: AFC North

Looking at the holes in the AFC North, the Steelers and Ravens need help in the front seven, while Cincy needs a real running back and Cleveland needs secondary help.

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21 Jan 2013, 04:02pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: Head-To-Head Contact

Mike delves into legal and illegal helmet-to-helmet contact and looks at the interaction of rulesmaking and player motivation that is making the NFL an increasingly dangerous place. (Click to read more.)

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04 Jan 2013, 02:04pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: The One-Point Safety

An officiating rare gem was unearthed in a lopsided Fiesta Bowl between the Ducks and Wildcats. (Click to read more.)

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15 Dec 2012, 05:57pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: Disconcerting Signals

Mike tries to track down an officiating unicorn in Cincinnati's fourth-quarter field goal attempt on Thursday. (Click to read more.)

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21 Nov 2012, 05:25pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: Technically Correct

Mike has been chewing on a strange set of offsetting penalties since Week 10. Read on to learn when roughing the passer is actually unnecessary roughness. (Click to read more.)

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08 Nov 2012, 01:19pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: How Replay Works

Mike breaks down the hows and whys of the NFL's instant replay system. (Click to read more.)

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01 Nov 2012, 01:32pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: Bad Options

The coin toss is just a simple formality, right? Don't be so sure. (Click to read more.)

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24 Oct 2012, 04:13pm by Mike Kurtz

Officiating: The "Push Out of Bounds" Defense

If a defensive back can push a receiver out of bounds and remove him from a play, why don't teams capitalize on this? (Click to read more.)

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