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10 Nov 2010, 04:42pm by Mike Kurtz

Scramble for the Ball: Losers are Winners

Wherein your first-half Loser League champion is crowned, and there is much hand-wringing over fantasy football etiquette.

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29 Sep 2010, 06:03pm by Mike Kurtz

Scramble for the Ball: Let Them Score

Your Scramble writers muse the question of immediate losses vs. future gains and ask the question, "is it sometimes better to let your opponent score?"

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25 Sep 2010, 12:32pm by Mike Kurtz

ESPN: Mike Martz's Magic Touch

This week's MNF Insider feature looks at Mike Martz and his history improving offenses.

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20 Aug 2010, 10:37am by Mike Kurtz

What Happens To A Linebacker's Neurons

Discover Magazine has a good article for those of us who are less medically-inclined, explaining what physically happens to the brain when it's repeatedly battered.

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27 May 2010, 02:32pm by Mike Kurtz

Four Downs: AFC North

Baltimore and Cincinnati have holes in the secondary, while Pittsburgh could use another wide receiver. Odd how the holes in the AFC North puzzle seem to fit together.

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26 May 2010, 04:34pm by Mike Kurtz

Breaking Down the American Needle Case

So what exactly does the recent Supreme Court ruling in the American Needle case mean? Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower break down the ruling and the implications it holds for upcoming CBA negotations.

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24 Mar 2010, 11:00am by Mike Kurtz

Four Downs: AFC North

The Bengals and the Ravens entered the free agency period looking for help at wide receiver. One of them got it. The AFC North is in flux, from Cleveland's quarterback turnstile to Pittsburgh's worrisome defense.

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