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17 May 2018, 10:58am by Rivers McCown

Four Downs: AFC East

Biggest post-draft holes all reside on offense in the AFC East, except for the Pats who could still use a real edge rusher.

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07 Mar 2018, 01:31pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: The Two Teams That Must Sign Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings may be the favorites to sign Kirk Cousins, but Arizona and Denver could use him even more.

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02 Mar 2018, 12:35pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Five Best Second-Contract Sleepers

There's a reason why teams give up on players after the conclusion of their rookie deals. However, many have enough talent to become difference-makers if they land in the right situation on their second contract. Here are five for 2018.

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01 Mar 2018, 04:14pm by Rivers McCown

Four Downs: AFC East

This division needs to go shopping for meat and potatoes -- except for the Jets, who need a quarterback and have the money to go get one.

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24 Jan 2018, 12:36pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Top Prospects for Super Bowl LII

Taking a look at four players who qualify for our annual Top Prospects list of under-the-radar lower-drafted players and could play an important role in Super Bowl LII.

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16 Jan 2018, 02:55pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Jaguars Over Steelers

Wow, an underdog upset the Steelers? Get out of town -- then, head to New England, for the AFC Championship Game.

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08 Jan 2018, 05:50pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Falcons Over Rams

When All-Pro returners go wrong and streaky passing offenses come up short, there's an upset brewing.

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02 Jan 2018, 10:30am by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Bengals Over Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens tumble out of the playoff picture on the last day of the season, and the reason is crystal clear even if nobody will take it seriously.

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26 Dec 2017, 01:18pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: 49ers Over Jaguars

Jimmy Garoppolo is here to stay, meaning we need to make sure to spell his name right a lot in this article. Jacksonville's defense suffers its first real setback, while their offense continues to look beatable.

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19 Dec 2017, 11:10am by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Rams Over Seahawks

We have been able to brag about being right about the Rams a lot this season, but this was an emphatic statement win for them as they all but clinched the NFC West in Seattle.

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