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ESPN: Who Should Make a Big Deal?

With the trade deadline coming up, will losing teams consider dealing players like Josh Gordon or Adrian Peterson? And if they make a trade, which teams make the best partners?

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ESPN: Week 8 Fantasy Matchups

Need a wide receiver? T.Y. Hilton is a great trade target now that Reggie Wayne is done for the season. Meanwhile if you have a San Francisco skill guy, this is the week to start him in London against the Jaguars.

Clutch Encounters: Week 7
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Clutch Encounters: Week 7

Judgment Day in Indianapolis has passed. Also: Jets get second chance at New England, Bengals beat their NFC equal and Ravens/Steelers bring the offense.

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ESPN: Andrew Luck's Progression

Andrew Luck may not be setting the league on fire like Dan Marino in 1983-84, but his consistent performances in situational football put him on a path to greatness that Peyton Manning once walked in Indianapolis. But is Luck walking it faster?

5 comments, Last at 21 Oct 2013, 4:22pm by mmeiselman

ESPN: Week 7 Fantasy Matchups

This week's key matchups include Cam Newton feasting on the Rams and why Brandon Jacobs may actually be a good start in Week 7 against Minnesota. Yes, you are still in 2013.

Clutch Encounters: Week 6
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Clutch Encounters: Week 6

Tom Brady does it again to Rob Ryan in Foxboro after Saints' epic clock mismanagement. Also: the Eli Manning crunch-time stats you never hear about.

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ESPN: Have Defenses Caught Up to the Read Option?

The read option hasn't been as effective this year, even though teams are using it more. More details here.

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ESPN: Week 6 Fantasy Matchups

Julio Jones is out for the year, but his production has to go somewhere in Atlanta. Matt Schaub deserves one more chance against a poor St. Louis defense while Knowshon Moreno (sixth in fantasy points among running backs) may have his best game of the season against Jacksonville.

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Clutch Encounters: Week 5
Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images

Clutch Encounters: Week 5

An epic shootout in Dallas spells déjà vu for Tony Romo. Also: a shocking first for Tom Brady and a (future) Super Bowl preview between the Colts and Seahawks.

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ESPN: Tough Travels for Seattle Seahawks

There's no denying the Seattle Seahawks are a much different team on the road than at home, but can it all be placed on their location forcing them to travel more than any other team? Travel from west-to-east has been a debated topic in the NFL and we have found data that is certainly interesting, though not largely conclusive on whether or not the Pacific teams are at a significant disadvantage.

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