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ESPN: Bill Belichick Makes It Okay To Take the Wind

From Manning-Brady XIV we learned Bill Belichick thinks it's okay to take the wind, Peyton Manning had his first "off day" in the cold in years and the Patriots showed their remarkable competitiveness.

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ESPN: New "Big Four" on Diverging Paths of Development

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick formed a new "big four" of athletic quarterbacks last season. With expectations so high for 2013, it's been a struggle just to maintain 2012's pace.

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ESPN: Week 12 Fantasy Matchups

We update the easiest and toughest remaining schedules for Weeks 12-16, offer a real-life replacement for Aaron Rodgers in the fantasy world and pick which Denver skill player may have the best game in New England.

Clutch Encounters: Week 11
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Clutch Encounters: Week 11

Patriots fail to catch a call in Carolina. Also: Mike Tomlin's "do what we do" strategy works, the worst overtime coin-toss decision yet and how Drew Brees' height saved the Saints.

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ESPN: Broncos Are Chiefs' Biggest Hurdle to Super Bowl

Are the undefeated Chiefs a legit Super Bowl contender, or is this a paper tiger headed for heartbreak of a Lin Elliott (1995) or Elvis Grbac (1997) nature from past top-seeded Kansas City teams? The Broncos are a nightmare matchup, but at least the Chiefs are catching them at the right time and match up well with the rest of the AFC.

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ESPN: Week 11 Fantasy Matchups

How close are Nick Foles and Case Keenum to "elite" status in fantasy football? Plus we detail the Chiefs-Broncos matchup.

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Clutch Encounters: Week 10
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Clutch Encounters: Week 10

The Ravens show us the real "Fail Mary." Also: Denver's historic streak ends and Florida's winless teams finally get it right.

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ESPN: Jaguars Are Least Competitive Team Since 1970

Based on DVOA and other factors, we can say with conviction we are experiencing the best 0-8 team (Tampa Bay) and the least competitive team (Jacksonville) since the merger. But the 2008 Lions may want to keep the Faygo in the fridge if they think one of these teams will join them in celebration at 0-16.

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ESPN: Week 10 Fantasy Matchups

For Week 10 we're looking at Aaron Rodgers backup plans and compiling the "All-Injury Fantasy Team." It's depressing, but there's no crying in football.

Clutch Encounters: Week 9
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Clutch Encounters: Week 9

The Colts stunned Houston with another big rally. Also: modified overtime strategy, Dallas' Tony Romo soap opera, walk-off safeties and NFC powers fall.

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