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26 Aug 2013, 02:19pm by Scott Kacsmar

NFL Stats Not Always on Target

There are more NFL stats and metrics than ever before, but when subjectivity enters into the method of calculation, we must show more caution in trusting the data.

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23 Aug 2013, 11:26am by Scott Kacsmar

2013 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Underrated

Our second post comparing 2013 KUBIAK to ADP finds the underrated players in fantasy football you should consider waiting on.

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21 Aug 2013, 12:40pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Welker's Potentially Historic Impact

Golly, Peyton Manning sure does like himself some slot receivers.

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20 Aug 2013, 05:13pm by Scott Kacsmar

Von Miller Suspended Six Games

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has reportedly been suspended for the first six games of the 2013 season for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. He will be eligible to return in Week 7 when the team plays the Colts in Indianapolis.

This should conclude a disappointing offseason for one of the league's brightest defensive stars. Miller has produced 30.0 sacks in his first two seasons and was expected to be relied on heavily with the departure of Elvis Dumervil to Baltimore.

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20 Aug 2013, 12:47pm by Scott Kacsmar

2013 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Overrated

Part I of our look at KUBIAK rankings compared to ADP focuses on this year's overvalued players. From health scares to a steep learning curve for rookies, this is buyer's beware.

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16 Aug 2013, 02:54pm by Scott Kacsmar

The NFL’s Battle with Concussions and Severe Injuries

After 266 concussions in the 2011 season, the NFL had 265 in 2012. Is that progress? Scott Kacsmar expects the number of concussions to rise in 2013 ... but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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12 Aug 2013, 04:49pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: No Carries for Old Men

Can Adrian Peterson ever break Emmitt Smith's career rushing record? It's hard to imagine, given that fewer and fewer NFL carries are going to running backs over the age of 30. (Click to read more.)

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09 Aug 2013, 11:38am by Scott Kacsmar

Terrell Davis: Peak vs. Longevity

Thoughts on the standing of three running backs contending for the Hall of Fame: Terrell Davis, Roger Craig, and Jerome Bettis.

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