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ESPN: Tough Travels for Seattle Seahawks

There's no denying the Seattle Seahawks are a much different team on the road than at home, but can it all be placed on their location forcing them to travel more than any other team? Travel from west-to-east has been a debated topic in the NFL and we have found data that is certainly interesting, though not largely conclusive on whether or not the Pacific teams are at a significant disadvantage.

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ESPN: Week 5 Fantasy Matchups

This week features a good fantasy matchup for the reborn Philip Rivers, who is in part enjoying a great start due to Antonio Gates looking like vintage Gates again.

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Clutch Encounters: Week 4
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Clutch Encounters: Week 4

How do the NFL's 32 head coaches fare in crunch time? Also: Russell Wilson's competitiveness, Philip Rivers' record, and the near-comeback of the week in Atlanta.

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ESPN: The Death of the NFL Run Game

The 2013 NFL season is on pace to be the pass-happiest season in NFL history. In other words, the pass ratio (60.1 percent) is set to break last year's mark (57.65 percent). Using DVOA, we found the correlation with wins for passing and rushing efficiency along with some data on whether or not you need a good running game to succeed with play-action passing.

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ESPN: Week 4 Fantasy Matchups

This week's best fantasy matchups include just about everyone on the Denver Broncos as the Eagles have no hope of slowing down the juggernaut. Matt Ryan's projected matchup is tough, but should we trust New England's defense on the road given the competition they have faced so far?

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Clutch Encounters: Week 3
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Clutch Encounters: Week 3

The Bengals and Packers go on epic scoring runs. Philip Rivers kicks the ball. And who replaced the Colts with the (once-great) Steelers?

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ESPN: Aaron Rodgers' Hidden Weakness

Why can't Aaron Rodgers seem to lead his team to a comeback in the fourth quarter? There's certainly a lot of regression to the mean on fourth-quarter comebacks, but a 5-24 record is pretty significant.

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ESPN: Week 3 Fantasy Matchups

Matthew Stafford may not beat good teams, but in the fantasy world the Washington defense is a mouth-watering matchup. This also should be the week for Frank Gore to get back on track, but it could be a tough one for Adrian Peterson.

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Clutch Encounters: Week 2
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Clutch Encounters: Week 2

It's been the closest two-week start in NFL history. San Diego traveled back to 2008, Jay Cutler sits in historic company and Ron Rivera blows his 10th fourth-quarter lead with Carolina.

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ESPN: Will Eagles' Pace Lead to More Injuries?

Chip Kelly wants the Eagles to go even faster, but will this pace lead to injuries? We look at the correlation between pace and injuries along with some of the slowest and fastest offenses of the last decade.

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