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03 Aug 2017, 04:50pm by Scott Kacsmar

Predicting the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class

Our 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame predictions look at the most decorated defender since 1986, the best WR since Jerry Rice, and the "other" middle linebacker. Also: poison pills, Terrell Owens' value, and the forgotten Patriot.

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02 Aug 2017, 03:28pm by Scott Kacsmar

Randy Moss: First-Ballot Hall of Famer

Would you bet on Randy Moss being a first-ballot Hall of Famer? Straight cash, homie. Alas, since he's a wide receiver, we have our doubts it will happen. But Moss left no doubts as to his greatness on the field. This is his HOF case.

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27 Jul 2017, 04:21pm by Scott Kacsmar

Jarvis Landry's Value, Part II

Our second look at Jarvis Landry's value examines the main reason his catches are lacking in value, and the new charting data that shows how Miami may not be using him properly.

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26 Jul 2017, 02:57pm by Scott Kacsmar

Jarvis Landry's Value, Part I

Jarvis Landry is tied for the most catches (288) in NFL history thru three years, but why hasn't this translated into value for Miami's offense? What is his value compared to other No. 1 wideouts?

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20 Jul 2017, 05:25pm by Scott Kacsmar

2016 Slot vs. Wide: Defense

Our final part in looking at slot vs. wide targets focuses entirely on defenses. Which first-round rookie corners had tough times in 2016? Who was the weak link in Denver's No-Fly Zone? Also: the Falcons have a secondary to watch out for in 2017.

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19 Jul 2017, 11:16am by Scott Kacsmar

2016 Slot vs. Wide: RBs and TEs

Part II of our look at slot vs. wide targets focuses on running backs and tight ends. Was Le'Veon Bell used more diversely than David Johnson? Also: is there actually a stat where Rob Gronkowski ranked last among his peers?

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17 Jul 2017, 03:38pm by Scott Kacsmar

2016 Slot vs. Wide: WRs and QBs

We have new data showing where receivers line up at the snap, and how quarterbacks do throwing wide or to the slot. You might be surprised to see where Matt Ryan is best, and where Alex Smith struggled the most in Kansas City.

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11 Jul 2017, 12:14pm by Scott Kacsmar

Colin Kaepernick: Into the Black

With training camp approaching, Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent. We look at how more than just football reasons are driving this, and how Kaepernick would be an extreme rarity in NFL history if his age-30 season never actually happens.

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22 Jun 2017, 05:14pm by Scott Kacsmar

Chiefs Extend Andy Reid, But Part Ways with GM John Dorsey

The Chiefs have extended Andy Reid's contract and parted ways with John Dorsey.

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22 Jun 2017, 04:43pm by Scott Kacsmar

Defense and Pass Pressure, 2016

Denver's defense was still great at producing pass pressure, while two NFC East teams really improved over 2015. Also: pressure splits by number of rushers, and how sacks can be overrated. Just ask Brandon Graham (or Erik Walden).

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