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Hey There Trent Edwards

I always envision Bills fans singing softly and sadly to acoustic guitar, and now my vision has come true.

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Audibles at the Line: Week 3
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Audibles at the Line: Week 3

Jets 3-0! Titans 0-3! Steelers falter! Lions win a game! Chiefs, Browns, Rams do not, and won't any time soon! Pocket Hercules goes nuts! Seahawks wear rave green! And we've run out of exclamation points.

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ESPN Any Given Sunday: Lions Over Redskins

The linked article focuses on the defensive strategy the Redskins used against the Lions and Matthew Stafford, and why it was so unsuccessful. It does not discuss the controversial coaching decisions Jim Zorn made in the first quarter of the game that have some Redskins fans up in arms.

15 comments, Last at 30 Sep 2009, 12:21pm by AG

ESPN AGS: Bengals over Packers

The Packers were supposed to be the hot turnaround team of 2009. The Bengals were supposed to be, well, the Bengals. Too bad nobody told Antwan Odom or the surprisingly effective Bengals offensive line. (And yes, like any of our ESPN material that doesn't say otherwise, this is now Insider only.)

ESPN Any Given Sunday: 49ers Over Cardinals
Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images

ESPN Any Given Sunday: 49ers Over Cardinals

Vince Verhei explains how the 49ers limited Larry Fitzgerald, why Arizona's defense may lead to better days ahead, and what Tim Hightower's future in the desert might be.

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Chiefs Fire Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey

If Todd Haley wants a job done right, he'll do it himself. So he removed Chan Gailey of his duties as offensive coordinator and we'll run things himself. The Chiefs have scored only two offensive touchdowns this preseason. Haley has been particularly critical of his team's pass protection and commitment to running. It remains unclear whether or not Gailey will remain with the team in some capacity.

30 comments, Last at 05 Sep 2009, 12:27am by MC2

Passer Personality Profiles

Jason Lisk over at the blog has put together a neat little study of quarterback "personality" profiles, measuring the STYLE of each passer (as opposed to quality) and sorting them into groups. Tom Brady shows up in the same group as Len Dawson, Danny White, Dave Krieg, and Josh McCown -- they're all better at collecting completions or touchdowns than yards, they have a lot of touchdowns AND interceptions, and they're more likely to take a sack than throw a pick.

34 comments, Last at 01 Sep 2009, 1:55am by DeltaWhiskey

The Power of Four

Bit of a late slip on this one, but Andy Benoit of has a story on the importance of generating a pass rush without blitzing, with a sprinkling of data from ourselves on which teams were most and least likely to rush four.

5 comments, Last at 27 Aug 2009, 10:09pm by Dan

Another Lineman Down In Seattle

Our optimistic forecast for the Seahawks was based in part on a return to health for the offensive line. Then guard Mike Wahle retired after failing to recover from offseason shoulder surgery. Then tackle Walter Jones underwent another round of arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. Though the surgery was deemed successful, Jones will likely miss the first two weeks of the regular season.

14 comments, Last at 25 Aug 2009, 12:40pm by Independent George

Fran Tarkenton Talks About Brett Favre

"I really have no interest in what Brett Favre does. He kind of lost me a few years ago by retiring and un-retiring and here and there."

"I asked a few friends here, maybe 10 or 12 people we were out with last night. I said, 'What do you think about Brett Favre going back to the Vikings?' You know who cared? Nobody."

"I think he has been a great flamboyant quarterback, but he has made more stupid plays than any great quarterback that I've ever seen. Look at his final game in a Packers uniform. He blew that game [NFC championship] against the Giants."

12 comments, Last at 20 Aug 2009, 10:17pm by Will Allen