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Football Outsiders Interview: Tom Curran

Hey hey, it's our first interview with someone other than ourselves! Tom Curran talks about covering the league's top team for the Providence Journal-Bulletin. What's it like to try to get information from the secretive Bill Belichick? What should fans of coach-less teams know about Romeo Crenel and Charlie Weis? Who might the Pats face in the Super Bowl if they can get there? And what does the present -- and the future -- hold for football journalism and the Internet?

Final 2003 Team Efficiency Ratings

Here they are, the (unofficial) final VOA ratings for 2003. Every single play of the 2003 season has been compared to league average and added together. Kansas City remains #1, while Tennessee and New England climb to the top of the weighted ratings that give more strength to recent games. Learn here why the Patriots can only beat themselves.

Week 16 Team Efficiency Ratings

The latest VOA ratings are here, measuring how each NFL team has performed on a play-by-play basis, along with the usual commentary for the math-o-phobic. If the Chiefs are toast because of their poor run defense, why are the Eagles a Super Bowl favorite? Is Denver the team to fear in the AFC? And have the Jets gotten up to the line of scrimmage yet?

Fun With Sacks

OK, so our offensive and defensive line numbers have only included run blocking so far. What about pass blocking? Aaron takes the sacks per pass attempt statistic used by the folks over at Football Project, tweaks it a little bit, and runs the 2003 numbers.

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Week 15 Team Efficiency Ratings, Featuring Notes on Running Backs

The latest VOA ratings are here, measuring how each NFL team has performed on a play-by-play basis. This week's commentary includes more on the ridiculous consistency of the New England Patriots. Plus, notes on running backs: Why is Baltimore's rushing attack rated so low in our statistics? And which was the best rushing day of 2003: Jamal Lewis' 295 yards or Clinton Portis' five touchdowns? (Hint: Neither.)

Week 14 Team Efficiency Ratings

This week, Aaron explains why the Patriots aren't number one even though they are number one, why the Chiefs are still riding high off Week 8, and why Jake Plummer may have been even better than Clinton Portis this week. Plus, the introduction of yet another new metric, the FOREST INDEX, that combines DVOA with measures of consistency and late-game ability (now explained for stat geeks on a separate page). Lots of commentary here, and graphs!

Five Showdowns

Five big games this weekend match the first place and second place team in a division. Aaron takes an Outsiders-style look at different trends and tendencies of the teams involved to show you what to look for on Sunday.

Building a Better Mousetrap

Never let it be said we don't take constructive criticism here at Football Outsiders. Responding to one of two common complaints, here is a new attempt at weighting our VOA ratings so they better reflect the current abilities of teams.

Week 13 Team Efficiency Ratings

Why do our VOA ratings have some teams ranked far higher than public perception? The answer lies in teams that have improved or declined since the season began. Aaron breaks the season in half to show which teams are on the rise. Plus, the final word on Tampa's inconsistency, Jon Gruden vs. Dennis Erickson, Miami's lame offense goes nuts on the previously great Cowboy D, and more commentary for the math-o-phobic.

Week 12 Team Efficiency Ratings

The latest VOA ratings are here, measuring how each NFL team has performed on a play-by-play basis. And yes, those losing-record Tampa Bay Bucs are back at #2. Could they share a fate with the team that finished surprisingly high in last year's ratings despite an 8-8 record? Hint: One year later, that team is 10-1.