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Four Downs: NFC East

Al Bogdan breaks down the first few weeks of free agency in the NFC East, which mostly means the annual orgy of spending that is the Washington Redskins. It also means the T.O. signing, which Al says filled a hole Dallas didn't really have. Michael David Smith disagrees, explaining why it was a great move in this article at Read both sides and then give your opinion here.

Mar 21, 2006

FO NCAA Tournament Pool

We've set up a Yahoo! NCAA bracket pool for FO readers. I came in second in the pool two years ago, which shows just how little our fanbase knows about college basketball. No prize, other than bragging rights. If this group fills up, I'll start another one. Group ID: 63739.

Mar 13, 2006

Jets Eye $8M Cut for Chad

Chad Pennington is scheduled to make $9 million in salary and bonuses for next season. Since the Jets are approxmately $26 million over the cap, they'd like Chad to restructure his contract. If they keep Pennington, he'll have a cap figure of $15 million.

Feb 14, 2006

Four Downs: NFC East

The first Four Downs of 2006 is a free agency forecast of the NFC East. Would you believe the Eagles have lots of cap space, and the Redskins have almost none? The more things change...

Feb 10, 2006

Scramble for the Ball: Tampa Bay's Nightmare

If you've ever wanted an in-depth look at a strength of victory tiebreaker situation, this is the article for you. There's also a fantasy draft gone horribly awry (Kevin Jones, anyone?) and an extraordinary smorgasbord of Best Bets from Al. Plus the newest Jason Beattie cartoon.

Dec 28, 2005

Congressman Says BCS "Deeply Flawed"

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is calling for a Congressional hearing to address the "deeply flawed" Bowl Championship Series system. I'm glad our representatives are spending their time investigating the important issues that are facing our country.

Dec 03, 2005