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Andrew Potter

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aka Big Hairy Andy
Carmyille, Scotland

Anglo-Scot (so, Briton) ANDREW POTTER blames Mega Drive classics John Madden Football and Joe Montana Sports Talk Football for his transatlantic love of the gridiron game. He joined Football Outsiders in 2013 to help with the infamous Twitter Audibles experiment, and still compiles Audibles at the Line to this day. Though outwardly a fan of the New Orleans Saints, inwardly the Angus resident still yearns for his first gridiron love: NFL Europe’s Scottish Claymores.

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Scramble for the Ball: Doom Patrol

An 0-1 start can be written off, but starting 0-2? That has to start ringing some alarm bells. Bryan and Andrew wade through the bottom of the standings to sort the teams still clinging onto hope from the teams already scouting the 2021 draft.

Sep 23, 2020

Scramble for the Ball: Fantasy Fools

With the bizarre offseason schedule, you can be excused for putting your fantasy team off until the last minute. Bryan and Andrew scour the waiver wire, looking for potentially undrafted talent -- such as Jacksonville's Gardner Minshew and Devine Ozigbo -- that can salvage your season.

Sep 08, 2020

Scramble for the Ball: 2020 West Over/Unders

Bryan and Andrew's ships have come to carry them home; grey ships passing into the West. On the way, they ponder if anything can stop the Chiefs, ask if there's anyone left to leave the light on for the Rams, and swallow some delayed schadenfreude over Super Bowl LIV.

Aug 26, 2020