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SITE NEWS: Bill Barnwell Says Goodbye

FO's managing editor is moving on to the next step in his career.

50 comments, Last at 28 Jul 2011, 12:32pm by Noah Arkadia

Phil Simms: "The Stat Guys Are Idiots"

Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason have some, shall we say, strong feelings about statistics in football.

98 comments, Last at 19 Apr 2011, 3:22pm by dbostedo

NFC South A "Quarterbacks" Division

In this PFT story on the Panthers requesting additional game footage on Cam Newton from Blinn College, there's a note on the bottom I'd like to share:

68 comments, Last at 26 Apr 2011, 10:35pm by xiaoz

The Ratio of Relative Importance

Northwestern student Keith Goldner is working on an Expected Points metric that has some promise; here, he attempts to measure the impact of each facet of the game.

15 comments, Last at 08 Apr 2011, 11:41am by keithgoldner

ESPN: Pro Day 40s

This week's ESPN Insider feature looks at the 40-yard dash times of players who run at both the Combine and at Pro Days to note how "field effects" likely exist for different schools.

7 comments, Last at 08 Apr 2011, 4:22pm by AlanSP

Nice Things About the Texans!

I shared some actually-positive stats about the Texans with Steph Stradley, including two places where their players led the league in this past season.

6 comments, Last at 04 Apr 2011, 9:14am by Dean

Chad Pennington Tears ACL Playing Basketball

Chad Pennington apparently tore his ACL playing basketball recently, an injury that should keep him out for the 2011 season.

46 comments, Last at 11 Apr 2011, 10:18am by Dean

ESPN: Speed Score 2011

Auburn's big back Mario Fannin sets a new Speed Score record at this year's combine. Plus: Speed Score smiles on DeMarco Murray and frowns on Mark Ingram.

18 comments, Last at 16 Mar 2011, 10:15am by tuluse
Wisdom of Crowds Review: Running Backs
Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images

Wisdom of Crowds Review: Running Backs

Did Rashard Mendenhall meet his gaudy KUBIAK projection? And why did MJD fail to hit double-digit touchdowns? We wrap up our Wisdom of Crowds review by breaking down the backs.

32 comments, Last at 18 Mar 2011, 5:31pm by Mark Pitcavage

Saints Lock Up Pierre Thomas

The Saints have locked up running back Pierre Thomas, giving him a four-year deal. No word yet on terms.

10 comments, Last at 08 Mar 2011, 7:22am by nath