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BRYAN KNOWLES grew up watching Joe Montana and Steve Young ply their trade at quarterback, so he has somewhat overly-inflated expectations of how quarterbacks should perform. This has certainly done him no favors over the past decade or so of watching the San Francisco 49ers. A graduate of UC Davis and San Jose State University, he has opted to eschew all the useful advice those august institutions have supplied him with and become a sportswriter instead. He’s been published at Bleacher Report and Fansided, and currently lives in Chicago with a wife who for some reason puts up with him.

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AFC West Over/Unders: Are the Broncos a Lock for a Losing Season?

Bryan and Andrew head to the AFC West, home of the young superstar passer and then also Drew Lock for some reason. Can anything slow down the Chiefs? Is Justin Herbert for real or just a mirage? And why are the Raiders, exactly?

Aug 12, 2021

NFC West Over/Unders: Is Matthew Stafford the Answer for the Rams?

Bryan and Andrew turn their attentions to the NFC West, where first-round picks are as fleeting as a summer squall. Is Trey Lance ready for prime time? Is Matthew Stafford actually an upgrade over Jared Goff? And can the Seahawks get out of their own way?

Aug 11, 2021

AFC East Over/Unders: Can Tua Get Dolphins to the Playoffs?

Bryan and Andrew come back for their second Scramble in two days, looking at the over/under lines in the AFC East. They are of Tua minds on Tagovailoa and the Dolphins, but also spare time to talk about Josh Allen and getting caught in sudden New York rain showers.

Aug 05, 2021

NFC East Over/Unders: Will a Little Fitzmagic Spark Joy in Washington?

Bryan and Andrew are back for a sixth year of Scramble, looking at the over/under lines in the NFC East. Will Ryan Fitzpatrick give Washington sturdy quarterback play? Will Dak Prescott give the Cowboys a sturdy quarterback ankle? And can anyone, anyone at all, get above .500 this year, please?

Aug 04, 2021