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BRYAN KNOWLES grew up watching Joe Montana and Steve Young ply their trade at quarterback, so he has somewhat overly-inflated expectations of how quarterbacks should perform. This has certainly done him no favors over the past decade or so of watching the San Francisco 49ers. A graduate of UC Davis and San Jose State University, he has opted to eschew all the useful advice those august institutions have supplied him with and become a sportswriter instead. He’s been published at Bleacher Report and Fansided, and currently lives in Chicago with a wife who for some reason puts up with him.

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Scramble for the Ball: 18th Annual Prop Bet Extravaganza!

A tradition like a number of others! Bryan and Andrew return to figure out whether Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce will have a better day, if the Buccaneers can resist the urge to punt on fourth-and-short, and whether The Weeknd will be joined by a holographic Michael Jackson.

Jan 28, 2021

Scramble for the Ball: The Old Gods and the New

In one half of the continent, the old gods of the quarterback pantheon remain venerated. In the other, a new faith militant emerges. With one eye on the future, Bryan and Andrew offer praise to those to whom praise is due.

Jan 20, 2021

AFC Divisional Round Preview 2021

Patrick Mahomes is shooting for his second straight Super Bowl title. The biggest remaining Cinderella, Cleveland, will be standing in his way. On the other side of the bracket, Baltimore and Buffalo present a excellent matchup of two well-rounded teams that have peaked in recent weeks.

Jan 15, 2021

AFC Wild-Card Playoff Preview 2021

We've got two teams where the fan bases are hungry for some kind of postseason victory after many years in the wilderness. We've got two aging quarterbacks from the Class of 2004, trying to make one last run at Super Bowl glory. And we've got the closest matchup of the wild-card round, a rematch of both a regular-season game and a big upset from last year's playoffs.

Jan 08, 2021

Scramble for the Ball: 2020 Staff Playoff Fantasy Draft

Bryan, Andrew and the rest of the Football Outsiders crew get together for the annual Staff Fantasy Draft! The Saints and Buccaneers are mostly gone, while the Bears and Football Team are mostly left on the shelf. Can you beat them in the Best of the Rest challenge?

Jan 06, 2021