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Bryan Knowles

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Covering NFL since 2006
Chicago, IL

BRYAN KNOWLES grew up watching Joe Montana and Steve Young ply their trade at quarterback, so he has somewhat overly-inflated expectations of how quarterbacks should perform. This has certainly done him no favors over the past decade or so of watching the San Francisco 49ers. A graduate of UC Davis and San Jose State University, he has opted to eschew all the useful advice those august institutions have supplied him with and become a sportswriter instead. He’s been published at Bleacher Report and Fansided, and currently lives in Chicago with a wife who for some reason puts up with him.

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Scramble for the Ball: Out With the Old...

The liberation of the Detroit Lions from Matt Patricia spark Bryan and Andrew's annual look at the coaching carousel, testing the seats of the head honchos of the league to find which ones are sizzling and which ones are just tepid.

Dec 02, 2020