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Dave Bernreuther

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DAVE BERNREUTHER is known as being long-time reader and snarky commenter, but officially started with FO in 2017 as the database and tech development guru. He is now a contributing staff writer. He was previously a salary cap analyst and author of SalaryCap101.net and more recently has spent time crafting data-first tools for Daily Fantasy Sports pros at DailyRoto. A native New Yorker and former Indianapolis Colts season ticket holder, he now reluctantly calls Miami home.

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Eli Manning is Profoundly Mediocre

Ty Schalter writes an article that politely points out what I've been saying for over a decade: Eli Manning is not, and never really was, a top quarterback. But that there is still value in that. We already knew that, of course, but folks like us tend to get drowned out by the "two rings" crowds and/or the shouting from over-the-top NY media rags. So it's nice to see an even-handed and not overly perjorative article about it.

Sep 19, 2017