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Guest Column: And the Winner Is...

First he poured through the numbers to determine the NFL's worst franchise of all time. Now Mark Hutson turns things around to determine the best franchise of all time. Will it be the Packers? The Cowboys? How about the Pride of Irwindale?

Guest Column: And the Loser Is...

Which is the worst NFL team of all time? The Bengals? Falcons? How about the Saints or Bucs? Mark Huston sorts through history to determine the NFL's most suffering fans.

Guest Column: Capologist for a Day

"You got your unamortized bonus in my peanut butter!... You got your peanut butter in my unamortized bonus!" Instead of just starting an offseason discussion thread on whether the cap rules need to be changed, we figured we would kick off such a discussion with an article that explained the basics of the salary cap. And it just so happens that Chris Miraglia wrote such an article.

Guest Column: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Draft but Forgot to Ask

Reader Barry Goodberg on a variety of draft-related topics. How did we get to the point where the draft was such an event? How do teams hide their draft intentions? And what about that classic "draft value chart?"

Guest Column: The Cover 2 Explained

You hear it over and over again: teams are playing more of the Cover 2. What the heck is the Cover 2? How does it work? Chris Miraglia enlightens us with a basic discussion of how to play Cover 2, its strengths and weaknesses, and the changes made by Tony Dungy. Complete with (very simple) illustrations.

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Guest Column: Was Super Bowl XXXVIII the Greatest of All Time?

Some people say this year's Super Bowl was the greatest ever played. Others are partial to the Patriots' win from two years ago, or wide right, or Namath's guarantee. But we couldn't possibly invent a mathematical formula to measure the greatest Super Bowls of all time, could we? Vincent Verhei says never say never -- and you may be surprised at his choice for the biggest of the big games.

Guest Column: Do Great Defenses Really Beat Great Offenses?

It's the most common cliche among football writers, but is it true? Does defense really win championships? Vincent Verhei says not in the last ten years.

Guest Column: Love and Football

Something a bit different. No numbers, no analysis, just the story of one Patriots fan and the obstacles thrown in his path when he wanted to watch one of the NFL's greatest games ever, the Snow Bowl, back in 2002.

Off-Tackle Concerto, or Variations on a Theme

Bob Cook from Flak Magazine analyzes the Colts' bread-and-butter play. How does it work, why does it work, and just how important is it to Indy's success?

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