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Ian O'Connor

Staff Writer
Since 2019
Louisville, KY

IAN O'CONNOR began his career in sports as an intern with EdjSports during the 2017 NFL season while finishing his master’s degree in Analytics at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. He returned to EdjSports in January 2019 as a Sports Data Analyst and has been there since. He’s provided live win probability and fourth-down decision analysis, as well as analysis and reporting for NFL Media, NFL teams, and various media outlets. He provides mostly video content and hosts shows, focusing on win probability, betting, and fantasy. Personally, Ian was fortunate enough to be born into Packers and Yankees fandom, but nature needs balance, so he was also dragged into Cleveland sports fandom. Despite being born and raised in Louisville, he rocks Kentucky blue and by virtue of his last name cheers on the Fighting Irish.

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