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MIKE TANIER has been writing Football Outsiders Almanac chapters for so long that he feels like Ringo making yet another special guest appearance during a Paul McCartney show. Mike recently wrapped up a six-year run as the NFL Lead Columnist for Bleacher Report; his popular Monday Morning Digest feature will presumably be replaced by TikTok videos, cartoon GIFs of Lamar Jackson, and long apologies. A father of two with almost 20 years of experience as an NFL writer, Mike is proof positive that we all get by with a little help from our friends. You can find his work at, Pro Football Network, the New York Times, and here at Football Outsiders.

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Le'Veon Bell's Holdout Is a Historic Disaster for Le'Veon Bell

In honor of today's announcement that Le'Veon Bell is not reporting to the Pittsburgh Steelers and therefore is ineligible to play for the entire season, we bring you Mike Tanier's opinion piece on the Bell holdout from last week. He's not a fan of Bell losing a year of prime earning power because of the risk that he might get injured before signing a big free-agent contract elsewhere.

Nov 13, 2018