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Four Downs: NFC North

The Bears ignored their shaky quarterback situation and went with a blocker. The Vikings ignored their shaky quarterback situation and traded for an all-world defensive end. The Packers shaky quarterback situation got even shakier as they added yet another passer with no career starts. The Lions may have the most un-shaky quarterback depth chart in the division, and they drafted a tackle to keep it that way.

May 27, 2008

Four Downs: NFC North

Minnesota and Chicago ask: Is it better to have a left tackle in jail, or no left tackle at all? Meanwhile, Green Bay gets ready to see if a young quarterback can reach his potential, and Detroit lets go of a back who was never able to do the same.

Mar 27, 2008

MMQB: Arms Race

Peter King puts on his scout hat and goes to work on this year's quarterback draft class. In the news of the creepy, Mark Brunell apparently has a Myspace page, and finally, no King column would be complete without a mention of Brett Favre.

Mar 17, 2008