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ESPN: Will Eagles' Pace Lead to More Injuries?

Chip Kelly wants the Eagles to go even faster, but will this pace lead to injuries? We look at the correlation between pace and injuries along with some of the slowest and fastest offenses of the last decade.

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ESPN: Week 2 Fantasy Matchups

Russell Wilson and Eddie Lacy headline must-starts, while Drew Brees and Ray Rice owners may want to consider alternatives.

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Clutch Encounters: Week 1
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Clutch Encounters: Week 1

Green Bay, San Diego, Carolina and Tampa Bay all lost close games in Week 1. Is this 2013 or the last few years all over again? Eight teams won after trailing in the fourth quarter to set a Week 1 record.

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ESPN: Don't Bet on the QB Sophomore Slump

Will Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III or Russell Wilson have a sophomore slump? When it comes to good players, don't bet on it. Improvement, not slumpking, should be the expectation.

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Kacsmar (and The Smiths) Predict the 2013 NFL Season

With some help from The Smiths, Scott Kacsmar predicts the 2013 season, resulting in a past Super Bowl rematch. (Click to read more.)

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ESPN: Week 1 Fantasy Matchups

Expect a barnburner between Atlanta and New Orleans, and consider other options (if you have them) for Chris Johnson and Doug Martin.

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QBs: Game-Winning Drive Study
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QBs: Game-Winning Drive Study

Peyton Manning has 49 game-winning drives. Tom Brady has 37. Aaron Rodgers has nine. What does it all mean? Scott Kacsmar breaks down the game-winning drives for 22 active quarterbacks as only he can.

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SI: The Most Unstoppable Play in the NFL

If a team must convert a short-yardage run on third/fourth down, there's only one option: the quarterback sneak. It's the most unstoppable play from scrimmage in the NFL.

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Trying to Improve Sack Rates
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Trying to Improve Sack Rates

Using the game charting project, we are able to adjust sack rate, but can we improve it to learn why a quarterback gets sacked?

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ESPN: Solving the Matthew Stafford 1-23 Puzzle

Why is Matthew Stafford 1-23 against teams with a winning record? Scott Kacsmar solves the puzzle, but the answer should have been obvious: not only have the Lions stunk, they've also been incredibly unlucky.

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