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Vincent Verhei

Assistant Editor
Since 2007
Seattle, WA

VINCENT VERHEI has been a writer and editor for Football Outsiders since 2007. In addition to writing for Football Outsiders Almanac 2019, he did all layout and design on the book. During the season, he writes the “Quick Reads” column covering the best and worst players of each week according to Football Outsiders metrics. His writings have also appeared in ESPN The Magazine and in Maple Street Press publications, and he has done layout on a number of other books for Football Outsiders and Prospectus Entertainment Ventures. His other night job is as a writer and podcast host for pro wrestling/MMA website He is a graduate of Western Washington University.

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QR Week 2: King Henry Goes Once More Unto the Breach

The Tennessee Titans overcame a big halftime deficit to escape Seattle with an overtime win, and running back Derrick Henry was the key to their comeback. Henry has a reputation for playing better at halftime, but has that really been the case? And do other running backs have a similar knack for playing better late in games? Plus the best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 2.

Sep 20, 2021

Week 2 Open Discussion

On Sunday, San Francisco (1-0) travels to Philadelphia (1-0), the surprising Raiders (1-0) visit the somewhat surprising Steelers (1-0), and the not-surprising Saints (1-0) face their first divisional opponent, the Carolina Panthers (1-0). On Sunday night, Kansas City (1-0) seeks a second straight win over a rival AFC contender in Baltimore (0-1).

Sep 18, 2021

QR Week 1: Will Allen Robinson Ever Get a Good QB?

Sunday night was the latest bad day for a player who seems far too talented to be regularly posting terrible statistics. We look back at Allen Robinson's lousy quarterbacks in Jacksonville and Chicago, and do the same for other good receivers who were shackled to bad passers. Plus the best quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers of Week 1.

Sep 13, 2021