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The Bush Debate

A question about Reggie Bush's 40-yard dash time evolved into a passionate argument among the FO staff about Bush's potential. Have we seen all that Bush has to offer, or is there a breakout ahead for the Saints' speedster?

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The Week In Quotes: August 21, 2008

This week: Steven Jackson settles down, Joe Horn takes off, Anquan Boldin wants out, and there's a ton of quarterback news. Also, a cheerleader says something dumb.

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Falcons Release Joe Horn

In a move pretty much everyone saw coming, the Falcons have released Joe Horn from his contract. Nobody was willing to trade anything to acquire Horn, but if you're a playoff-ready team with injuries at wide receiver, and your jerseys are grey-ish blue, and you play in a loud stadium in a port city on the West Coast, you might want to take a look.

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The Week In Quotes: August 15, 2008

This week you will find no quotes from any quarterback whose name can be rearranged to spell Fatter Verb. Instead we bring you updates on running backs in New England and Tennessee, wide receivers in Cincinnati, and the whole pathetic offense in Chicago. Plus: Herm on game shows.

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The Offseason In Quotes

Take a trip with us back in time as we break down the whole rotten Brett Favre saga, one embarrassing quote at a time. If you, like us, have had enough of that story, there's also news on Steve Smith's punchiness, Tom Brady hugging other men, and, of course, Herm.

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Panthers Suspend Steve Smith For Two Games

Note to all NFL players: Do not try to punch out a teammate on the practice field. After busting up cornerback Ken Lucas earlier this week, Smith was suspended by the Panthers for the first two games of the regular season. He'll miss the opener at San Diego, where Carolina will be underdogs with or without him, but he'll also miss the home opener against Chicago, and that could turn a win into a loss.

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Vegas Cops Find Javon Walker Unconscious

Walker was found at 7:19 a.m. unconscious on the streets of Las Vegas, the victim of an apparent robbery. He is currently at Sunrise Hospital with "significant injuries." Not much else is known at this time.

UPDATE: Walker has been listed in fair condition and apparently has a fractured orbital bone.

44 comments, Last at 23 Jun 2008, 4:53pm by Chris

Pacman Jones Reinstated — For Now

"Commissioner Roger Goodell notified Adam 'Pacman' Jones on Monday that, effective immediately, he may participate in organized team activities with the Dallas Cowboys, including training camp and preseason games.

In a letter to Jones, Goodell wrote that a final determination on his reinstatement for the 2008 regular season will be made by Sept. 1."

The seven or eight of you who were unfortunate enough to catch Jones' appearances in TNA wrestling no doubt have his insipid theme song stuck in your head right now.

35 comments, Last at 06 Jun 2008, 8:03pm by RickD

Cowboys Ink Barber, Newman to Long-Term Deals

Boy, that CBA vote sure set the dominoes in motion. Cornerback Terence Newman: six years, $50.2 million, $22.5 million guaranteed. Running back Marion Barber: seven years, $45 million, $16 million guaranteed. There was some debate among the Outsiders about the wisdom of investing so much money in a running back, but Barber is young (he turns 25 next month), he has never carried more than 204 times in a season, and the Cowboys have Felix Jones to ensure that Barber is never struck by the Curse of 370.

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Ryan, Third Pick, Gets More Money Than Long, First Pick

Jake Long's deal: Five years, $57.75 million, $30 million guaranteed.
Matt Ryan's deal: Six years, $72 million, $34.75 million guaranteed.

Ryan is a quarterback and Long is a tackle, and that obviously plays a part in this. But as Peter King notes, "NFL teams had been trying to hold down rookie salaries this year ... But $34 million guaranteed for the third pick will surely draw the ire of other teams and general managers trying to hold the line."

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