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Bengals lose Williams, add Rogers, keep Jones

Quite a day for the Bengals defense. They lose Madieu Williams to the Vikings, but A) They were 31st in pass defense DVOA last year, and B) They're probably better off losing him then guaranteeing him $13 million, like Minnesota did. They then traded third- and fifth-round picks to the Lions for defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. At this point I must point out that the Lions finished dead last in defending runs up the middle in 2007.

11 comments, Last at 01 Mar 2008, 12:42am by Bill

Trufant, Asomugha, Williams Franchised

Somewhere, Asante Samuel is doing a happy little dance. He's now the top free agent on the market, as the other big-name cornerbacks -- Marcus Trufant of the Seahawks and Nnamdi Asomugha of the Raiders -- were franchised on Wednesday. The going rate for No. 1 corners is now about $10 million per year.

13 comments, Last at 22 Feb 2008, 12:51pm by Alex

Four Downs: AFC South

Indianapolis figures out how to keep everyone around, while Tennessee worries that everyone will leave. Jacksonville's quarterback situation is far more secure than it was a year ago, but Houston's may be more in question than you think.

57 comments, Last at 18 Feb 2008, 11:55pm by Parker W.

Great Playoff Runs

The New York Giants had to win three playoff games on the road, then beat a team that was shooting for greatest-ever status in Super Bowl XLII. How does that stack up to the playoff runs of other Super Bowl winners? And how the heck did the best team of Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain era miss the Super Bowl?

181 comments, Last at 19 Feb 2008, 10:08pm by Gerry

Dhani Jones to Play in Rugby Championship

The day before the Super Bowl, former Giants/Eagles/Saints/Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones will compete for another championship. Jones will play "five or 10 minutes off the bench" for Blackheath rugby club against the Cornish All Blacks for the EDF Energy National Trophy. I know very little about rugby, but this seems to be a much lower level than, say, Australia's State of Origin series. Jones started for the Bengals this year, which doesn't carry a lot of weight around the NFL, but still qualifies him as an elite athlete on a global scale.

34 comments, Last at 04 Feb 2008, 8:16pm by Tom D

Who Is This Guy?

Wright Thompson does his best to profile Ernie Adams, the unknown commodity in the New England Patriots braintrust. He's referred to as the NFL's equivalent to James Bond's "Q," "Belichick's Belichick," and "asocial." Nobody's quite sure precisely what his job entails -- including the players -- but he's helped build the framework for one of the greatest teams of all time. Teachers, friends, coworkers and classmates share their insight on Adams, but he remains such an enigma that Thompson closes his column by simply asking Adams to contact him.

22 comments, Last at 02 Feb 2008, 9:48am by coyotl666

The Week In Quotes: January 31, 2008

As we head into Super Bowl Sunday, TWIQ celebrates the ridiculous event known as Media Day. Predictions! Proposals! Dentistry! Deion! And a cameo appearance by Jon Stewart!

47 comments, Last at 04 Feb 2008, 4:26pm by Sid

Future of the BCS

Stewart Mandel at looks at the possibilities that the NCAA will go to a plus-one championship game (somewhat likely) or full-fledged playoff (no chance). Everyone gets their say here -- conference reps, bowl game heads, TV execs. Mandel explores the benefits and liabilities of the current setup and every other alternative. And if you can't understand why the Rose Bowl isn't in a hurry to accommodate the BCS, well, the BCS has pretty much screwed the Rose Bowl over the past five years.

61 comments, Last at 08 Jan 2008, 10:18pm by Zac

How Good Is Devin Hester?

Vince Verhei updates an earlier post analyzing Devin Hester and his place in history, then discusses the value of kick returners and the most accurate way to measure their contributions.

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The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

This week, Roy Williams devotes his life to comic books and pizza, everyone says something mean about a tight end, the Chargers get way too happy about their new wide receiver, and Willis McGahee tries to make nice with the city of Buffalo.

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