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The Week In Quotes: January 31, 2008

As we head into Super Bowl Sunday, TWIQ celebrates the ridiculous event known as Media Day. Predictions! Proposals! Dentistry! Deion! And a cameo appearance by Jon Stewart!

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Future of the BCS

Stewart Mandel at looks at the possibilities that the NCAA will go to a plus-one championship game (somewhat likely) or full-fledged playoff (no chance). Everyone gets their say here -- conference reps, bowl game heads, TV execs. Mandel explores the benefits and liabilities of the current setup and every other alternative. And if you can't understand why the Rose Bowl isn't in a hurry to accommodate the BCS, well, the BCS has pretty much screwed the Rose Bowl over the past five years.

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How Good Is Devin Hester?

Vince Verhei updates an earlier post analyzing Devin Hester and his place in history, then discusses the value of kick returners and the most accurate way to measure their contributions.

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The Week in Quotes: October 18, 2007

This week, Roy Williams devotes his life to comic books and pizza, everyone says something mean about a tight end, the Chargers get way too happy about their new wide receiver, and Willis McGahee tries to make nice with the city of Buffalo.

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How Good Is Hester?

Devin Hester has already set plenty of records in his 20-game career. How do his per-touch numbers to some of the best kick returners in history? (Click link to read more.)

54 comments, Last at 14 Oct 2007, 5:52pm by mike