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20 Nov 2017, 12:33pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Calm Before Rivalry Week Storm

It was a quiet week for almost everyone in college football, with Skylar Thompson leading Kansas State over Oklahoma State as the only major Power 5 upset.

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16 Nov 2017, 02:32pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 12

In a quiet week of college football across the country, the most intriguing game might be a battle of NFL quarterback prospects when Josh Rosen and the UCLA Bruins battle Sam Darnold and the USC Trojans.

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15 Nov 2017, 06:54pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 11 Ratings

Between Notre Dame-Miami, Georgia-Auburn, and Ohio State-Iowa, we're seeing more top-ranked teams suffer blowouts than we have in a long time.

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13 Nov 2017, 04:03pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Blowouts Shake Up Playoff Race, Again

This week was full of big ranked matchups, but a few blowout wins opened the doors for even more possible playoff contenders.

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09 Nov 2017, 03:57pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 11

It's a huge weekend in college football, as Oklahoma faces TCU in a potential conference championship game preview; Miami hosts Notre dame in a virtual elimination game; and contenders Alabama, Georgia, and Washington all face big tests on the road.

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08 Nov 2017, 11:56pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 10 Ratings

Sheldrick Redwine and the Miami Hurricanes are undefeated this season -- but that doesn't mean they have been dominating opponents the way Alabama has.

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06 Nov 2017, 05:24pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Bedlam in the Big Ten

Bedlam wasn't the only bedlam this week, as the Big Ten lost two potential playoff contenders in upsets. Bedlam itself also lived up to high-scoring expectations.

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02 Nov 2017, 05:32pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 10

College football's most exciting player in October was Arizona quarterback Khalil Tate. This week he plays USC in a Saturday night game that could have major ramifications on the Pac-12 race.

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01 Nov 2017, 05:16pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 9 Ratings

Coming off a bye week, the Alabama Crimson Tide somehow nosedive in the FEI ratings. Brian Fremeau explains that the Tide have been blowing out cupcakes all year, but things are about to get a lot more difficult.

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30 Oct 2017, 05:30pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Huge Wins Could Mean Playoff Chaos

It's always tough to figure out the four best teams for the Playoff. It's much harder when there are a huge number of deserving one-loss teams that all have strong claims.

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26 Oct 2017, 02:14pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 9

We might see the biggest game of the year this week, as J.K. Dobbins and Ohio State take on the Penn State Nittany Lions in Columbus.

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25 Oct 2017, 04:55pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 8 Ratings

TCU blasted Kansas 43-0 on Saturday -- so why did they drop three spots in the ratings this week?

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