More Allegations Against Newton

Less than a week after reported that someone claiming to represent Cam Newton was accepting money for his signature on a National Letter of Intent, is reporting a new back story as to why Newton left the University of Florida.

According to their source, Newton was involved in three violations of the academic honor code, including writing his name on someone else's paper and purchasing a paper from the Internet. Although the Newtons have claimed that the quarterback decided to transfer because Tim Tebow opted to stay in school for his senior year, the source told that Newton was in fact no longer enrolled at Florida before Tebow made his decision.

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The guy who wrote this piece, Thayer Evans, wrote three days ago that Heisman voters shouldn't vote for Newton because of the story about the $180,000 pay off. To which of course there has not yet been any evidence of a direct connection to Newton. So maybe he has an axe to grind, for whatever reason.

And a quick Google search indicates this guy is not without criticism.

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I saw the story. Have to say its not a big deal. Even if it is true I can't see how it would hurt his eligibility. Have to love the timing of all these allegations though. SEC baby...

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I hate Auburn as much as any other LSU fan, but this accusation is trash. Don't get me wrong, I've heard the stories about Trooper Taylor. I've heard other stories about recruits they've gone after. And if they crossed the line, I want them to go down HARD. But this story has nothing to do with NCAA bylaws or anything the NCAA will investigate. It was a lazy journalist sitting around with nothing to do when he heard, "Cam Newton cheated", so he ran with it. Let's not drag up every unrelated incident in his past over this. If Cam Newton, or any other player, accepted money, the NCAA will be all over it in due time. That writer has zero integrity.

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I thought the original story was BS. But the allegations coming out today (reported by ESPN) apparently have identified sources at Miss St. saying they heard from Cam himself that he wanted to go there but the money was "too good" elsewhere. These conversations were supposedly reported to the SEC. And the non-denial by the Dad does not help.

It doesn't sound like we have heard the last of this.

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This is probably my college football ignorance speaking, but I was expecting a story about Nate Newton here.

(Although, if his wikipedia entry is accurate, he has kept his nose quite clean since serving his time for transporting hundreds of pounds of marijuana.)

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This is the SEC - they play hardball. Next, I'm expecting someone to claim he has proof that Steve Spurrier voted for Obama.

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OK, Joe Schad has gotten serious with these allegations, especially the pay for play ones. This doesn't seem like a simple everyone is telling a lie...there is some sort of truth to these stories.

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Lawsuit claims that f != ma, and that objects in motion tend to stop without being acted on by an external force!

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Whether it's true or not, the timing of this whole thing really couldn't be more transparent. And for my money, the far more interesting thing is who's leaking all this stuff. Who has the most to gain?

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Allegations were made in January that Cam Newton and his father told two recruiters, "It will take more than a scholarship" to get Cam to sign and "It's all about the money". Cam also said it wasn't his decision to chose a college, it was up to his father.

These are separate from the other allegations of cheating at Florida AND from different sources. However, at this time these are just allegations and haven't been found to be facts.