Quantifying Nick Holt's Defense

The excellent Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus fame has a great new post on his own "After the Buzzer" blog about the Washington Huskies' football defense. Using FEI and S&P, Kevin makes a compelling argument that defensive coordinator Nick Holt is as much the root cause of a defense that's falling apart as the defensive talent that's too young by necessity.

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2 Re: Quantifying Nick Holt's Defense

I also liked the argument that Brock Huard put forth, which was that Oregon went to the National Chaampionship and had exactly one player from their defense drafted - and lost about half their starters from that team.

whereas Washington has had a number of good players play and start in the NFL from those classes.

While they might have young talent, they've certainly got talent. From just watching the games it's fairly clear that their defense has huge lapses now and then that look fairly systemic; the ASU game last year comes to mind. They just occasionally seem to forget what to do, and to me that feels a lot like an indictment on coaching.