RSP Film Room: QB Chris Bonner

Chris Bonner is Jordan Plocher’s (rhymes with “blocker’) top-rated QB in this class. I get it. I don’t think there’s much separation among my top four–and it should be a top four rather than a top-two or top-three. Bonner reminds Plocher and me of Joe Flacco.

  • What makes Bonner ahead of the game despite playing at a lower division of football?
  • What Bonner’s work from center reveals about his game?
  • Bonner’s depth of talent maneuvering and resetting from the pocket.
  • Why Bonner’s touch should continue to develop in the NFL.
  • Examples of throwing receivers open.

It’s all there on this All-22 version of the RSP Film Room of Bonner versus Sam Houston State. Enjoy…

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This was a great film room, thanks Matt and Jordan. I'm not sure if Bonner's arm is that close to Flacco's arm strength; he did arc that out a little too much, and deep outs tell you more about arm strength than bombs, which Bonner throws really well. He reminds me a little of early Chad Pennington, with a stronger arm but not quite as accurate. Obviously, I would hope my favorite team drafts him and actually shows patience, leaving him on the bench for a year, but the teams both of you mentioned (Denver, Baltimore, San Diego) seemed like good fits for him.

There may be more depth to this quarterback class than pundits think; I think Shane Carden could be a steal if he goes to a team that dedicates itself to fixing his delivery, and again, showing patience by leaving him on the bench for a couple of years. A number of the other mid-round guys (Hundley, Petty) may end up being good starters if teams show patience with them.

I have another question, about quarterback prospects coming from the exact opposite system that Bonner is in; do spread quarterbacks take longer to develop in the NFL? Going through the ones I know who have been successful, only Cam Newton had a good or even solid rookie year. I guess RGIII fits that category as well, but he did not have to transition to a different offense. Foles exploded on the scene in his second year as did Kaepernick, but Brees and Pennington were not capable starters until their third or 4th years. Normally, the second year of starting is the important one for an NFL qb, but is this actually true for a quarterback who played in a spread system in college?

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