RSP Pre-Draft Ops Roundtable

The NFL Draft begins today and rather than talking about prospects, I spoke with two experienced NFL football operations and personnel people about scouting, management, and strategy of building a team. This is easily one of my five favorite shows this year.

Alan Dandar is the co-founder of Dynamic Sport solutions. His site is an excellent tool worth checking out if you’re an NFL fan or media. Dandar has been a statistical consultant with the Minnesota Timberwolves, a player personnel assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles, a director of football operations and Princeton, and a special assistant to the recruiting coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Temple.

Dandar’s responsibilities bridged the gap between studying tape and analytics concepts. He’s well-versed in both areas and provides a terrific perspective on both sports operations and the corporate world.

Dan Hatman is the co-founder the Scouting Academy. Dan is a former scout with the Giants, Eagles, and Jets. Scouting Academy offers a wealth of education to media, fans and aspiring scouts. He has a staff of former players, coaches, and personnel management from the NFL. Scouting Academy has partnered with the Senior Bowl for the 2016 event.

Session highlights:

  • Our experiences with operations management and evaluation processes.
  • Comparing and contrasting NFL organizations as business entities with other non-NFL organizations.
  • Where leadership gets it wrong in the NFL.
  • Opportunities with initial and continuous training.
  • The trust dynamic and lack of it in the league.
  • Identifying the correct team infrastructure to develop.
  • Inefficiencies within NFL operational structures–deployment and responsibilities of scouts.
  • The positives and negatives of the NFL as an insulated business environment.
  • The role of analytics in the league and discerning quality analytic studies as a reader and fan in the media.

Check it out before the draft and get a whole new perspective on the process.

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