USC Trojans Hire Lincoln Riley Away from Oklahoma

USC Trojans Head Coach Lincoln Riley
USC Trojans Head Coach Lincoln Riley
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NCAA - Breaking news here without a ton of info, but the news is official:

Riley, 38, had been head coach at Oklahoma since 2017, going 55-10 with three Big 12 championships. That includes a 10-2 record this year, but a 37-33 loss to archrival Oklahoma State knocked them out of the conference title chase. Former Sooners coach Bob Stoops will return to the sidelines to coach Oklahoma during their bowl game, wherever that may be.

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3 comments, Last at 30 Nov 2021, 3:23pm

#1 by ImNewAroundThe… // Nov 28, 2021 - 8:45pm

Wonder what the pay increase was. USC is a mess.

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#2 by Pat // Nov 28, 2021 - 10:51pm

Probably didn't need to be much. Sooners going to SEC means that's a not-for-long job: tenure in the Pac-12 is way longer than the SEC. Oklahoma's destined to be an also-ran most of the time just due to that move.

edit: I should probably say it probably wasn't much over what Oklahoma would be willing to pay. I mean, it's obviously going to be a significant raise.

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#3 by DIVISION // Nov 30, 2021 - 3:23pm

Reportedly, USC purchased both of Riley's houses in Norman, and also a new mansion in Los Angeles in addition to his year salary $10-15M, fully use of the school jet for business and personal use.

He basically got the sweetest deal you could imagine and now gets to recruit the same kids he had at Norman, only they stay in California.

People are shocked he left Oklahoma, but Riley never signed on to join the SEC cesspool.

He gets the best of both worlds, easy recruiting and to be the big fish in the small pond.

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