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FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South
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The release of Football Outsiders Almanac 2009 is just around the corner, and to get people excited, we've decided to release some sample material from the book. Last week, we released one of the 32 NFL team chapters absolutely free. If you want to read about the New York Giants, you can click here.

The big addition to this year's book is a set of college chapters which use Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau's college stats to preview the 2009 NCAA season. There are write-ups on every team from the six BCS conferences, plus a seventh chapter featuring a baker's dozen of independents and mid-major teams. Our summaries will take you from the Trojans (USC) to the Trojans (Troy State).

To give you an example of what you can expect from these new college chapters, here's a free download of the first half of the Big 12 chapter from FOA 2009, written by Bill Connelly. The number listed at the top for each team is the 2009 projected FEI rating.

Let your friends know all about it and spread the word for us.

Download the Big 12 South (half) chapter here.

Pricing for FOA 2009 will be as follows:

  • $12 for the PDF download
  • $20 for the print-to-order book
  • $30 for a package that includes the KUBIAK fantasy projections workbook along with the PDF download
  • $60 for the PDF download, KUBIAK workbook, and a year subscription to Football Outsiders Premium -- since Premium is normally $40 and KUBIAK is normally $20, this essentially means you get Football Outsiders Almanac 2009 for free.

For college football fans who may not be familiar with Football Outsiders and want to sample our work for the first time, we'll also be selling a PDF with just the seven college chapters (and one college-oriented research essay) for five dollars. This won't include any of the NFL material, and everything in this package also appears in the regular Football Outsiders Almanac.

Some good news for those of you who use the Amazon Kindle: Apparently, the new version of the Kindle handles PDF files as if they were standard Kindle files. So while we can't sell a "Kindle version" of the book, you can simply purchase the PDF version and read it on your Kindle. Will Carroll has already checked out a sample and says it looks great.

It looks like we'll have the PDF version of FOA 2009 as well as the KUBIAK fantasy football projection spreadsheet available sometime around July 8. The KUBIAK workbook will have all the functionality of past years, plus a new "fantasy playoffs" feature that will let you re-order the values based on slightly different strength of schedule adjustments that count Week 14-16 double and remove Week 17.

Finally, answering one question from the comments on last week's Giants posting: Yes, there is a new version of DVOA, and we should be introducing it on the site next week when we start selling FOA 09.


11 comments, Last at 02 Jul 2009, 8:54am

1 Re: FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

Is Colorado State one of the non-BCS teams previewed? If it is, I will purchase this today!

Since I was going to buy PFP anyway, I guess I will be getting this soon either way. But I hope CSU is represented!

"Just look at that pumpkin."
-John Madden, looking at the moon.

4 Re: Non-BCS Teams Profiled

The Non-BCS team chapter includes profiles of each of the following teams (sorry Colorado State didn't make the cut!):

Conference USA: East Carolina, Southern Mississippi, Tulsa
Independents: Navy, Notre Dame
MAC: Central Michigan
Mountain West: BYU, TCU, Utah
Sun Belt: Middle Tennessee, Troy
WAC: Boise State, Fresno State

6 Re: Non-BCS Teams Profiled

Just curious...what is the opposition to releasing them all at the same time, in the same place?

Surely you wouldn't release FOA without covering all 32 NFL teams...even if you included the projected standings for each conference with a couple paragraphs about the conference as a whole.

I don't understand what the reluctance is...again, especially since space is really no longer an issue.

Thanks either way.

2 Re: FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

Just wondering, will you be projecting records for all 120 D-1 (or FCS or whatever it's called)?

3 Re: FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

Duh...I just read above more carefully and saw that you are only doing the BCS conferences and a few other teams.

That's too bad, it doesn't seem like projecting standings/records for ALL teams would require that much more effort (I am assumming that you have the numbers and would just need to run the calculations through those teams' schedules).

Space isn't an issue anymore really so I am surprised that you would leave almost half---or even ANY---of the D-1 teams unaddressed.


5 Re: Projections of Non-Profiled Teams

Projected records and conference records, strength of schedule, and Offensive/Defensive FEI have been run for all 120 FBS teams. Projections that do not accompany team profiles with either be listed elsewhere in the Football Outsiders Almanac, or appear here at Football Outsiders.

10 Re: FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

Probably depends on the printing company FO is using and the retailer you're buying it through. Unlike the PDF version and KUBIAK, Aaron isn't putting the books together by himself in his living room. The original FOA announcement said that the dead tree book would be available "sometime in late July."

9 Re: FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

NICE! Let me mark July 8th down on my Pre! Can't wait for FOA 2009 but about the Big 12 South write up, no jokes about the Coach Gundy's Red-Bull fueled tirade on national TV that ricocheted across YouTube and it's effect on team FEI?

11 Re: FOA 2009 Preview: Big 12 South

I would have liked to see Air Force as one of the schools that was included in the MWC profile. I can't argue with the three that you mentioned, but Air Force finished second in the MWC two seasons ago and had a very young team that won eight games last year. They have a national following, so it would have been nice to read about them in your publication.