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Dolphins Release Jason Allen

The Dolphins have waived former first-round pick Jason Allen. Allen was a starter for the team only a few weeks ago. The team signed former Packers cornerback Al Harris to take his place on the roster.

Just to review, here's a list of the Dolphins first- and second-round picks from 2005-07:

- Ronnie Brown
- Matt Roth
- Jason Allen
- Ted Ginn
- John Beck
- Samson Satele

Of the six, only Brown is left on the roster.

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11 comments, Last at 11 Nov 2010, 6:41pm

2 Re: Dolphins Release Jason Allen

This is quite interesting to me. Is he any good or not? I can't even work out if he's a corner or a safety (I'll admit that watching the Dolphins hasn't been my priority this year) but he has three picks this year for a reasonable defense.

As a niners fan I'm pretty desperate for them to replace/upgrade/shoot our nickleback Will James, who is a first down waiting to happen. He's better than that isn't he?

4 Re: Dolphins Release Jason Allen

He played FS mostly the last 2 years and they moved him to corner this year. I don't recall if he was starting or just playing nickle, not seen the fins much this year. I'd be pretty surprised if he isn't claimed. He signed a 6 year rookie deal back in 06.

I'm not sure Harris will be an upgrade over him, though I do believe Harris is recovered enough to play at a starter level and part of the the issue was that GB was not going to bring him back as a starter if they kept him. I think GB made a mistake in releasing him, but who knows. I actually would like to see the Pack put a waiver claim in for Allen and if they get him give up on the Pat Lee or Jarret Bush experiments. Allen is the same age bracket as them and has shown way more on the field than either of them.

5 Re: Dolphins Release Jason Allen

Allen started several games, was great in some -like against the Vikings- and not very good in others. He lost his job to Sean Smith a couple of games ago. The Dolphins claimed Nate Ness -who had a very good preseason with the team- off waivers last week. And now they release Allen.

This move is surprising if for no other reason than Allen is a very good special teamer, and the Miami STs have not been very good this year. The ST coach was even fired a few weeks ago.

9 Samson Satele

Am I remembering wrong? Wasn't Samson Satele supposed to be pretty good? Or at least reasonably well-thought-of like two years ago?

11 Re: Samson Satele

In reply to by spenczar

It sure seemed like Satele had a pretty good rookie year. Then the new regime came in with a new power blocking scheme and he was traded to the Raiders for pocket change. Satele is more of a finesse guy.

I've no idea how he's doing for the Raiders, other than the fact he's starting.

10 Re: Dolphins Release Jason Allen

The Dolphins kick coverage has been terrible this year and he by far is their best special teams player. He also leads the team in INTs being the only d-back that can catch. IDK seems like he wasn't the worst guy on the roster at this point. At least if you don't want to watch other teams start on the 35 and above the rest of the year.

Roth looks pretty good in Cleveland. They dumped him cause he has issues off the field. On it he's been ok.