SITE NEWS: Welcome Our New Assistant Editors

Hey folks. It's been a while since we put up the job listing for our open Assistant Editor position, and the time has come to finally introduce our new staff members. Please welcome... Danny Tuccitto and Rivers McCown.

Danny is from Miami. You may know him as "Florida Danny," the resident stat guy for SB Nation's "Niners Nation" blog. He's got a Masters in Sport Psychology from University of Florida, and he's been submitting papers to various sports research conferences for a while now. Danny's responsibilities will include developing new stats, plus the fantasy sit-start article Bill Barnwell used to do for ESPN, the FO Premium 24-hour fantasy football answering service, and various other things to be determined later.

Rivers is from Houston, where he's spent the past few months as managing editor on the SB Nation Houston blog. He's also a long-time FO game charter, and he studied English at the University of Houston. His responsibilities will include taking over for David Gardner as layout guy and grammar police, plus lots of ESPN Magazine bits and MNF features.

Our new assistant editors officially start July 1. This now gives Football Outsiders three full-time employees, the most ever, ready to meet your football analysis needs!


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9 Re: SITE NEWS: Welcome Our New Assistant Editors

parents of Rivers McCown poitheads. Smoking a doobie only way to come up with tha t name for bsby.
Other guy name make hungry for Mexican roll up thign called taquito.

Congratulatuions to Mr. Tuccitto and Mr. McCown. Probably gerat fun to writie about football stuff for living.

12 Re: SITE NEWS: Welcome Our New Assistant Editors

I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to come up with a good Rivers Cuomo / Cade McNown joke.

Failing miserably.

"The Line Has Turned And Left Me Here (To Get Sacked)"?

"Don't Let Go (Unless The Ref Sees You)"

"Say It Ain't So (I'm Still The Starter)"


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Cool! Someone else with a psychology degree!

Seriously, though, congratulations and welcome to both new members.

Congrats to Aaron as well--FO continues to grow!

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Congrats, Danny. The kind of work you've been doing over at ninersnation -- using FO stats, no less -- is exactly the kind of stuff that makes you a good fit here. You were one of the first I can recall making extensive use of FO stats while not being affiliated with FO. Crikey, how long ago was it I saw your first posts on NN?