Tampa Trades Barron to Rams, Casillias to Pats

Tampa Bay is your one team active at the trade deadline, trading safety Mark Barron to St. Louis for fourth- and sixth-round picks, and backup linebacker Jonathan Casillas to the Patriots for... oh, probably not much, but it isn't announced yet. Barron is the big deal here. Really, if I ran an NFL team I would happily trade a fourth and a sixth to get a guy who just two years ago was the No. 7 overall pick in the whole draft... and who has been completely misused by his current head coach. Mark Barron is a strong safety. He belongs in the box. He is not your Cover-2 deep guy. He is not your single high. He is Kam Chancellor. Or rather, the other way around: Kam Chancellor is what Mark Barron was supposed to be. If the Rams are lucky, there's some potential still waiting to be tapped here.

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At some point, I think a coach needs be flexible enough to adapt his schemes to the talent at hand. The bucs essentially gave away Revis for nothing just because it wasn't an ideal scheme fit. Now they've done the same with Barron. The Gm either needs to hire a coach with a similar scheme or willing to adapt. This is a complete mismanagement of the team that could set them back for years.

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I liked Lovie in Chicago; I have to respect any coach who can go to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman. No matter how good the defensive talent is, and even in a losing effort, that takes some good coaching somewhere. But the personnel decisions in Tampa have been nonsense.

Darrelle Revis was earning QB money, but he's a very good corner. And Tampa wasn't paying a QB QB money, so that was okay. A Revis-Barron-Lavonte David sort of defense (in the style of the Seahawks with Sherman) could be very successful.

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I think that Belichick is one of the few GMs in the league who can afford to trade draft picks for players and not worry about his job if it ends up being a bad idea.

I also think he puts more value on specific - and relatively minor - roles, i.e. Special teams coverage units, coverage linebacker, safety-linebacker hybrid than most GMs and is willing to trade an asset for a proven player for those roles than signing somebody off the street to perform a role that isn't featured too many times a game.

It might be that he has a unique relationship with his head coach and knows intuitively what player his head coach wants.

Or he might simply be like me and can't resist a great deal. I probably have a closet of 100 t-shirts, but if I'm out and I see one I like for $10 or less, I'll most likely buy it. The Belichick equivalent is a small linebacker for a 4-8 spot switch in the upcoming draft. That's a good deal, even if the t-shirt gets worn twice a year, or the small linebacker plays 2 defensive snaps and 4 special teams snaps a game.

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I felt bad for Joey Galloway in New England. He had been so awesome catching passes from Jeff Garcia, but by the time he got to New England it seemed like it was over.

It seems like a lot of the misses in NE have been receivers, which makes me wonder if the problem isn't to some extent the Josh McDaniels offense being too ornate for anyone to grasp the first year.