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How Lavonte David Became So Inexplicably Good

Here's a good piece from SB Nation about our current No. 1 favorite underrated NFL player, Tampa Bay linebacker Lavonte David. The Miami high school product dreamed of playing for the U, but ended up following a winding road through community college and Nebraska to a home on Florida's other coast.

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3 Re: How Lavonte David Became So Inexplicably Good

It was clear in his very first game he was going to be really good; I remember watching it, and saying "Who the hell is #54"? Things that seemed like long gains became short gains because he'd just appear on the screen as this blur.

One of the things that still makes being a Bucs fan fun even with the crappy past few years; him and McCoy at least make the defense worth watching.

4 Re: How Lavonte David Became So Inexplicably Good

Yeah, it's a thin silver lining, but getting to watch world-class players like David and McCoy (as well as a few fun guys like Mike Evans) isn't something you should take for granted as the fan of a bad team - I can't imagine suffering through a full season of rooting for the Jags or Titans where the ceiling for their best players is "maybe a pro bowler?"