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Week 1 Open Game Discussion

Hey! Here's the thread for open discussion of all Week 1 NFL's games, starting with Kansas City at New England and going all the way through the Monday Night Football doubleheader.


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In terms of on-field performance a bye week is worth more than home field advantage. If giving their home fans their game wasn't an issue I would have looked to move somewhere in week 1.

I crunched some numbers a few years ago and found a 7 days off account for an advantage of about 3 points.

But also they are coming off a bye in week 2. I think it's conceivable that the "bye week in the middle of the season is best" idea is true, but overstated (like pretty much everything of this sort).

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I'd like everyone to know that in a show of solidarity I'm sitting down for the America song, and standing up for commercials, to leave the room!

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So were there really offsetting penalties on that first down that called back a TD or did the refs forget to move the ball?

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Holy shit now the NFL has a guy there holding up the tablet for the ref during a review??? I would not have believed they could possibly make the process MORE awkward than before, but this takes the fucking cake. Oh my god that is so amazingly stupid!

I. Don't. Even.

Edit: didn't anybody else see this? Is no one else gobsmacked by this?

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OMG!!! "13 years in the league and he can still beat you with his legs." Thus Al Michaels. As he says this, Smith back peddles, and just falls over untouched for a sack. Boy those legs!

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Weird fake fair catch play tried by the Chiefs. My reading of the NFL rule book makes me wonder what the point was.

" If the ball is caught or recovered by a teammate who did not make a valid faircatch signal, the ball is dead immediately, but it is not a fair catch. "

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What do you know, KC actually ran a competent 2-minute drill. Smith looks skittish as hell in the pocket, but nevertheless got it done

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Penalties on ST don't count for DVOA do they? KC's special teams have been HORRIBLE, but I'm afraid it won't show up in the stats. 3 flags for 40 yards that I remember

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Why can't the NFL show a Patriot game without ridiculous officiating? So far, Kansas City 9 penalties, Patriots 2 penalties.

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Anyone else have reflections on how inefficient Brady has been? He has seemed inaccurate at times, jumpy at others, and has often thrown to receivers that appear to be relatively well covered. Are we looking at a 40 year old quarterback looking his age, or is he really that out of sync with his receivers, or is KC just playing really well?

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"Intentional grounding will be called when a passer, facing an imminent loss of yardage due to pressure from the defense, throws a forward pass without a realistic chance of completion."

That's the rule. Interesting how there is always a way to interpret for the benefit of the Patriots, but when Cam Newton is being hammered on the head and the ball doesn't quite make it to the line of scrimmage it's intentional grounding despite this rule:

"intentional grounding rules do not apply if the defender “contacts the passer or the ball after forward movement begins,”

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Pats injury luck is going towards 2013/2015 territory, which does not bode well for long term.

Also, having Waddle taking significant snaps on the OL is not recipe for offensive success.

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Fleming is usually the backup at LT. Solder isn't ready for more snaps. They'll be OK there.

I'm a bit concerned about HT, but it doesn't look like it would be a serious injury. Might miss a few weeks but it's not an ACL.

Of course I thought the same about Brady in 2008, so take my optimism for what it's worth.

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", a defensive player commits a "roughing the kicker" foul if he (a) contacts the plant leg of the kicker while his kicking leg is still in the air; or (b) slides into or contacts the kicker when both of the kicker's feet are on the ground."

Kicking leg in the air. Contact with plant leg. Rule seems absolutely clear.


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Odd that any sentient being would think the NFL favors the Patriots given all the shit Goodell has gone out of his way to dump on the franchise.

Why is the penalty count 1-sided? Because the Chiefs were holding all night.

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You'd think teams would eventually learn to just take the touchback instead of repeatedly trying to bring it out for a huge loss.

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Hmmm...Pats' D is significantly worse with Hightower out. That's not really news.

Matt Patricia has a lot of work to do.

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"This is not New England's defense"
-Cris Collinsworth

OHHHH ok that explains it then. They're not bad, this game doesn't count!

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His passes haven't been sailing so much as his receivers were getting held and slowed down (at least early, until the officials _finally_ started calling it). Some of his late long passes were not as deep as they needed to be (which really isn't a surprise - the deep pass is not his strength and I have no idea what McD was thinking. Deep passing is not their offense.)

The offense was already missing Edelman and lost Amendola in the middle of the game. Chiefs did a great job on Gronk. I was surprised to see Pats not use Hogan more.

I don't think the team was mentally ready to be trailing in the 3rd quarter. Well, live and learn. They can mope or get ready for the Saints. And if they don't get ready for the Saints, they'll give up 50 next week.

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"His passes haven't been sailing so much as his receivers were getting held and slowed down"

This is just nonsense. Seriously.

Yes, the receivers were getting held, but Brady's mechanics were off all night, and he was missing guys pretty much all night, even on short stuff where guys were wide open. He was terrible.

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Don't forget they lost Amendola around that point. Don't bring that up an excuse for Brady's poor play so much as to point out the fact that, with Amendola and Edelman both out, the Pats' remaining receivers may not be particularly well-suited to their scheme or Brady's current skill set.

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Brady isn't the problem tonight. Given up 42 points to the Chiefs' weak offense is the problem. Losing their best (and only really good) linebacker is the problem. Their defense was dismal once Hightower left (and it wasn't that great when he was in).

I like the Pats' offense, but they're not going to win many games when the defense gives up 42 points.

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Brady wasn't the only problem, but he most certainly was a major problem. That was probably the worst game he has played in a decade.

If he's playing decently, the chiefs don't get nearly as many drives, and don't score anything near 42.

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Why not both? at least in the jags-pats preseason game, the defense was blowing coverages in a very un-Belicheckian way. wouldve expected them to have cleaned that up by the time the games counted, but apparently not yet

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Hey guys, I think the 2007 Pats are better.

Suddenly that Week 2 game in New Orleans seems a lot more interesting.

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The Chiefs have become such a fun team to watch (thinking particularly of the Falcons game last year), especially Tyreke Hill and now the rookie Hunt too.

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"I don't think the team was mentally ready to be trailing in the 3rd quarter. "

Did you miss their game before this one??

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Brady looked awful. Once the refs stopped throwing penalties every third play, Patriots didn't have anything.

Curious what this means reflecting on all their off-season moves. Were all those moves because Belichick knew he had serious issues? Or were all those moves the cause of the issues?

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I'm hopeful that all the changes simply meant that it takes a while for new players to get the system and get the rhythm with Brady. Someone's going to have to master the route trees of Edelman soon. Their running game looks solid. Their defense would look better without Alex Smith going 3 for 4 on long passes. I don't think it's as bad as it looks here, but it's certainly not as good a situation as people expected at the start of the season.

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I don't think New England is gonna go undefeated. Thought that talk was ridiculous, but I'd still bet they coast to the 1 or 2 seed. Still think they have a deceptively brutal schedule (nfc south has produced past 2 sb reps, plus Brees and Winston, afc West has 4 tough teams, plus it's a first place sched- looks like the only to ugh afc team they miss is Tennessee), but I'm pretty sure belicheck will figure it out. More entertaining week 1 opener than usual

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NE occasionally drops a deuce on the field, just less frequently than other teams. Brady was pretty bad, but I basically view him like Jason from Friday the 13th. He'll come back to life until they burn his body. (And even then...) I'd worry more about the defense going forward. All in all, this promises to be an interesting National Jump to Conclusions Week.

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I think they'll be fine. I didn't think brady looked that bad, until they fell behind. The division is absolute garbage. The defense looked problematic, but belicheck will figure it out. I was kinda shocked to hear Collinsworth say they didn't have a plan for if hightower went down, given his history

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"we're on to New Orleans" And I bet Drew Brees is salivating. Would never count Belichick and Brady out of anything, but that defense was simply shredded and Brady did begin to look his age tonight....

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It was easy to forget how easily the Falcons tore off huge chunks of yardage last February, and that if a Falcons rb executes a pretty simple blitz pickup even at mid major college conference level of competency, the Falcons would likely have torn off another huge chunk for a td, and the narrative this off season would have read differently.Still, the Pats were atop the projected DVOA standings, and two of the three division competitors are in tanking mode, with the third with Smokin'Jay at the helm, so a division title is nearly certain, and HFA a strong possibility.

On the other side, it would be awesome for a team with a coach who has won a mountain of games, and still gets ridiculously maligned, and a qb who yammering know-nothings confidently pronounce is incapable of winning a Super Bowl, would do just that. Berry ripping an achilles hurts that prospect, however. Ugh, injuries remain a really, really, awful aspect of this game.

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The New York J.E.T.S JETS,JETS,JETS, already three and out before the broadcasters can announce Buffalo's starting defense.

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The Philly-Washington game has been pretty sloppy football so far. In contrast, the Oakland-Tennessee game is looking close and well played

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The DC team is playing hard all of a sudden. Josh Norman is one of the best physical CBs I've seen since Cortland Finnegan in his prime. Norman makes everyone in the secondary better. And DC's secondary was a serious fuckshow before he arrived; I used to think the whole unit was playing super high on pain pills every Sunday.

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I can't wait to see how negative the Lions special teams DVOA is after this game. So far they have:

1)Bad snap to punter in the endzone, who tries to stupidly run it out instead of taking a safety, and promptly gets injured.
2)A leaping penalty on a Cardinals FG attempt which gave the Card an extra set of downs.
3)A kickoff return to their own 5 yard line.
4)A placekicker attempting a punt (because the punter stupidly got injured), and accomplishing a 30 yard punt.
5)The backup quarterback botching a snap on an extra point attempt (the usual holder is the punter...who again, stupidly got himself injured).

Their special teams have provided so much negative EPA, it's amazing the Lions are only trailing by 4.

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Doug Marrone makes a dumb challenge on a third down rushing attempt that is pretty clearly short of the endzone, but he makes up for it by correctly going for it on the short fourth down. It pays off and the Jags are up 12-0 on the Texans. The Jags are feeding Fournette like it's the '90s NFL so far.

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I know it's been one half of regular season football, but the Bears look like they could actually be good in a year or two. I think the defense could quietly be a top 10 defense this year (Hicks looks like a guy who is worth the $48M contract he just signed). On offense, we know the receivers are bad (especially with Meredith out for the year), but Howard and Cohen look like a pair of really good backs. If Trubisky becomes good enough to justify being picked 2nd overall, they might contend for something in a couple years. It's weird watching Bears games with some optimism.

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Calais Campbell has 3.5 sacks in the first half for the Jags. Apparently this is already enough for the Jacksonville franchise record. The NFL record is 7. The Texans are really being humiliated, as a fumble is run back and they are down 19-0.

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Interesting situation in Nashville: Raiders punted OOB inside the 1/2 yard line, but the Titans were called for running into the punter. Accepting gave them an opportunity for a 53 yard field goal attempt. I wonder what the expected points for either situation would be.

*I* wanted them to decline; they accepted though, and made the FG.

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Can't tell if the Lions defense is playing uncharacteristically well, or if Carson Palmer is just playing poorly. Probably a little of both.

David Johnson is out with a wrist injury, so that certainly won't help.

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Huge officiating failure in Redskins game. Cousins making forward pass, batted down by Eagles who "return it" like it's a fumble. First, officials on the field call it a fumble. But I have no idea what the replay officials were thinking. It's clearly a pass.

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I agree...I don't see how anyone looking at the replay could have thought it was a fumble. Terrible call.

There was also one in the beginning of the Bears-Falcons game that was as bad as I've ever seen...the Falcons receiver caught a pass and made it to maybe two yards short of the first down, and they ruled it a first down. I don't see how they can screw it up that badly. The announcers even ran the replay and pointed out what a bad call that was.

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Heck of a finish in Chicago. Down 23-17, the Bears have 1st and Goal from the 5 with 21 seconds and a timeout left.

Glennon's first two passes clang off the hands of his receivers - the first was difficult, but catchable in the end zone. The second was an easy catch inside the 1 (with momentum either carrying him into the end zone, or out of bounds just short); the receiver glances away from the ball to look at the approaching defender and muffs it, though. Then incomplete, then a sack on 4th down.

Glennon keeps his job for another week, but his limitations are quite obvious. The Bears O-line does not look good, though, so I guess maybe they're trying to save Trubiski from PTSD.

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So the Browns converted a two-point conversion with 3:36 left to draw within 3. A 15-yard penalty by the Steelers meant Cleveland would be kicking off from the 50. And... they kick it deep, with Pittsburgh getting the ball at the 20. I don't understand how you don't go for the onside there. Shouldn't even be a question, especially for a big underdog playing a high-powered offense. Unsurprisingly, the Steelers marched down the field easily and the Browns never even got the ball back.

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I didn't see the reason for the Lane ejection either, but the block in the back was a legit call despite what Mike Pereira says. Packers dodge a bullet there and the the defense is playing great.

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Two horrible decisions by the officials in the SEA GB game to remove a pick 6 and Jeremy Lane from the game, what gives?

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That block in the back is going to be called every time, he pushed the back of his shoulder. It was a dumb play by the Seattle player.

While Adams initiated contact if the ref didn't see that part what they saw was the 2nd part of the play, one player holding another down by his helmet with 1 hand while chocking him with his other arm. That is going to be an ejection every time.

Also on the missed PI call, Graham grabbed the DB by the helmet and pulled him down so he couldn't make a play at the ball, plus the ball was most likely uncatchable. If you watch the extended replay he also pushed off to get open before the ball was thrown. It wouldn't have bothered me if he called it but it really wasn't clear, the contact was going both ways.

I also always think it is funny when people complain about certain teams always getting calls. The Packers have been on the wrong end of some of the worst calls in NFL the past 10 years. It goes both ways. Probably just sore Cowboy's fans who don't understand what a catch is (that wasn't a catch).

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Just to provide context, as I did above with NE-KC on this issue:

Green Bay was 6th lowest in penalties committed per game in 2016, 11th lowest in 2015, 8th lowest in 2014, 7th lowest in 2013, and 10th lowest in 2012. That's pretty consistent, very good, but not extraordinary at avoiding penalties, like the Pats and Chiefs.

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In the playoffs Favre gets sacked by someone grabbing his facemask and dragging him down, he throws the ball for an INT that is returned for a TD. Clear cut fasemask call missed by refs.

The year the Seahawks came back late and beat the Packers in the playoffs there were at least 3 blown calls. The Packers complain about blown calls as much as anyone else does, it is just human nature to only notice the calls that go against you.

It is also human nature to view a call from your own teams perspective. Like the PI in that game was probably not PI. Graham has 2 hands on the DBs helmet and is dragging him down, what can the DB do there. It puts the ref in a really tough position when both players are making contact.

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Fans griping about officiating against their own team is not my favorite thing in the world. But! As a Packers fan, I'll always remember this one:

2010 Week 3 at Chicago. The Packers were called for 18 penalties for 152 yards, compared to just 5 for 38 for Chicago. Loomed large over a game the Packers went on to lose by 3, as well as in the division race, which the Bears won by one game. The part that's truly incredible though: the Packers finished that season as the 4th-least penalized team in the league, so the 18/153 in that single game accounted for nearly one-quarter of the penalties (23%) and yards (24%) assessed against them that season.

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So wow that was horrible officiating on that pick six. Adams initiated so Taylor shouldn't have been elected and that block in the back. Big Packers fan, but wow that was so in the Packers favor

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jags 10 sacks, 4 turnovers (three on qb fumbles), plus the only texans score came after two garbage calls kept the drive alive and cost them a fifth turnover. hope robinson's ok

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The ejection was a terrible call, but the block in the back was legit (though it didn't affect the play - Rodgers was not going to catch him).

If Seattle wins today, it will be because of special teams. The defense is doing great, but the Packers are still moving pretty well; they're just starting inside their 10 every time. The Seattle offensive line is horrendous.

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Switched over to Red Zone and see the Rams complete a 26 yard pass. Who is this guy and what has he done to Goff?

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Hes looked sharp today. Whether thats because the colts defense is awful, jeff fishers offense was incredibly awful, mcvays a good offensive coach or a lot of improvement from Goff, I'm not sure. Probably a bit of a combination of all.

The colts kind of look terrrible.

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If Luck is going to miss extended time as is being reported, it's going to be a fierce battle between the Colts and Jets for #1 pick.

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The refs love Green Bay. That was defensive holding with Graham. I don't think he would have made the catch, but that should have been called. That was going on before the throw.

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Good god, I knew the sans Luck Colts were going to be bad, but they are shockingly bad.

Conversely, Goff looks surprisingly good.

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Seattle's Griffin has great CB instincts for a rookie. Gets his head around really well on pass plays when he beaks them up.

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I know in the end it didn't matter whatsoever, but Chuck Pagano has to win KCW award.

1: Questionable TD pass
2. Run quick play
3. Bad play calling and no guts to go for it on 4th and (short) Goal

Usually running a quick play to make sure there isn't a review is a good idea...unless the review would've actually awarded your team a TD. Didn't matter because Tolzien is awful, but when Luck comes back or even if Brissett gets more comfortable with the offense these are the types of decisions that lose games.

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Goff never had any games that efficient last year. Good for him.

Seattle's OL is total trash, but GB's defense was impressive today also. The big calls went in GB's favor, especially the block in the back which was very borderline, but the Packers missing a big piece in Bulaga still did a decent job giving Rodgers time to throw. Rodgers as always held it looking for the big play and that caused at least 2 of the 4 sacks and many of the hits as well.

If Seattle figures something mediocre out on the OL, they will win their division. If GB plays this well against everyone else, they will win the Super Bowl.

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I know not to leap to conclusions in week 1, but man was there some horrendous offence on display yesterday. Leaving aside the obvious trainwrecks (Texans, Colts, 49ers, Jets).....

Carson Palmer looks dead. It was reminiscent of watching Peyton Manning in his final death throws - several plays where he just didn't seem to be processing what was in front of him, and others where he obviously no longer had the strength to get the ball where it needed to go.

I knew the Giants offence was going to stink without Beckham, but that was just pitiful. I was obliged to switch off at half time. Eli has been on a solid downward trajectory the past couple of seasons and this might be the year it completely falls apart. He certainly no longer possesses the skills to operate behind non-existent blocking (if he ever did).

It's obviously nothing new or unexpected but Seattle's offensive line is something quite scary to watch. It's surely only a matter of time before Wilson gets hurt again. Thank goodness for Aaron Rodgers warming up in the second half and providing something positive.

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I haven't been paying much attention to tonight's game. But Diggs has had two amazing catches, including a nice pass downfield from Bradford which Diggs caught despite the DB pushing into his face. (They declined the Pass Interference call.) The other was a TD with two seconds left in the half. He's pushing to get into that elite (there's that word again) WR discussion.

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This Vikings team looks really, really good. Bradford looks great, is getting more time, and the receivers have stepped up even more.

That defense is as good as ever.

Of course, I could have written the same thing during their hot start last year as well.