Week 17 Open Game Discussion

Week 17 Open Game Discussion

There's a lot on the line in the season's final Sunday. In the NFC, the Rams, Bears, and Seahawks are all fighting for positioning, while the Vikings and Eagles are just hoping to qualify for the postseason. The AFC field is crazy -- four teams have clinched playoff berths, but nobody has clinched any specific seed or bye, and four teams are still battling for the final two spots. It all ends on Sunday night when Andrew Luck and the Colts play the Titans in a winner-gets-in, loser-goes-home playoff qualifier. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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With every game being played on Sunday, the networks have some interesting booths, who all unsurprisingly got assigned the ass games. I'd love to hear Beth Mowins and Steve Beuerlein except they're stuck with Miami-Buffalo. I'd never heard of Mowins before but she cannot possibly be as bad as the usual guys we all complain about.

I'm a big fan of Pat McAfee's commentary on twitter and I would probably watch Detroit vs Green Bay just because of him, but of course Fox has YET ANOTHER Dallas game televised nationally. I wish they had Aikman doing that game (instead of Min-Chi), so I could dodge two birds with one stone. Two cars with one frog? Whatever.

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Is there a subliminal Colts push going on at FO? Four of the pictures on the homepage are of Colts – this thread, scramble, film room and the last Dvoa ratings – and now both of the comments on here are on the subject of Indianapolis and/or its ex-punter.

Colts schmolts.

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It's time the final regular season week of FO gameday chat! Join a star-studded cast of your favorite FO posters as we say smart, analytic and totally backed by data things about the football games...in real time!

Unlike Jon Gruden, FO gameday chat isn't beholden to old ways of doing things so we've migrated from slack to discord the season. Among other advantages, it makes it really easy to join, just click the discord invite link: https://discord.gg/Kfskps

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Can anybody who was watching Jacksonville-Houston explain what happened with that punt "muff" that got five seconds of confusing coverage on RedZone? I can imagine no way Jacksonville could legitimately end up being awarded the ball, yet...

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With Houston expanding their lead to 14 and the Patriots already up big on the Jets, there's no longer much going on in terms of playoff implications in this early slate of games.

EDIT: And even the other games are almost all blowouts in addition to being irrelevant.

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four of the six images on the front page right now are of the colts. i assume you're going for a Wheaties box or Madden style jinx.

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Despite a big game through the air today, looks like Josh Allen should narrowly finish the season with more yards per carry than yards per pass attempt, immortalizing him among the ranks of Bobby Douglass, Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick.

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So the Bucs' two-headed QB monster of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston finish with a combined 5358 passing yards on the season. That's only a little off the record total Peyton had of 5477 in 2013. Fitzpatrick was more prolific than Winston, so if he had remained the starter all year he would probably have broken the record. It's quite strange a team managed to have one of the most prolific passing offenses ever by starting a career journeyman and a guy who is widely considered a disappointment.

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Catching up on the morning's highlights. Kiko Alonso is a thug that needs to be kicked out of the NFL permanently.

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My preseason Super Bowl pick of Vikings over Steelers is looking a tad shaky at the moment.

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I think it (was) probably more likely than some combinations involving worse teams with better chances of qualifying by less chance of winning once they got there.

I'm looking at you, Titans.

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Lamar Jackson fumbles stretching for his third rushing TD of the game. However, it's initially ruled a TD, which means the Browns return of the fumble for their own TD is halted by the refs' whistle. Then next play the Browns should be able to make the blown call irrelevant, but a wide, wide open Landry somehow lets the ball bounce right off his face mask. Wild sequence.

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Nick Foles ties the NFL record for consecutive completions at 25, but his next pass is errant.

Also the Eagles have an absurd time of possession advantage of 35:40-7:47.

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Atrocious from Mike Zimmer, overturns his own team's 4th down conversion by throwing a pointless challenge flag.

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I don’t know what Matt Nagy is doing. This game is now meaningless and Trubisky and all other starters are still in the game. Quite frankly their easiest playoff matchup next week is the Vikings, and I just don’t get it. They’ve already had three players get injured today - why risk it?

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I don't get why everyone thinks this game is meaningless for the Bears. They get to pick their opponent next week! And they apparently prefer playing the Eagles.

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ESPN said earlier in the day the Steelers' chances of making the playoffs were down to 2%. With a lead of their own and Cleveland's deficit down to 2, there just might be a chance that 2% comes through.

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Here we go. Steelers win and the Browns have the ball down by 2. This would be an amazing escape for Pittsburgh if it all works out.

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So many are saying the Steelers are out of the playoffs, I'm almost hoping for a tie, just to get a chuckle. Maybe just overtime?

Heck, even Jim Carrey was more optimistic than Pittsburgh fans, and his odds were probably longer. ;-)

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Is Marcus Mariota supposed to be healthy enough to play by next week if the Titans win this one?

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Much chatter recently about the Ravens being the team "nobody wants to play", but that title should probably belong to the Colts.

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I couldn't figure out Collinsworth's praise of Blaine Gabbert unless he's never seen him play. It was truly amazing, though, to see that Gabbert has survived 9 HC and 8 OC changes. Has there ever been a QB so destructive to coaching careers?

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The only stretch of football I got to sit down and watch yesterday was Q4 of the Indy-Tenn game, and I have to say … how is it possible that Blaine Gabbert is considered one of the top 64 QBs available to NFL teams? or top 96 QBs, or whatever.

I know, I shouldn't extrapolate from one quarter of football, but if you'd taped off the name on the back of his jersey and told me Tennessee had been forced to play an ex Division III QB who'd only had a couple of weeks of practice squad time, I'd have believed you.

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Indy has been totally dominating this game and suddenly it's a one score margin. I still think they are heavy favorites, but it's getting much closer than it should be, and if the Titans can get some more breaks go their way, who knows.

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The most sad thing to me is that Eric Ebron has more TDs in one year as a Colt than in four years with the Lions.

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And there goes the Blaine Gabbertian move -- the inexplicable throw to nowhere but a defender.