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Seahawks Make Wilson NFL's Highest-Paid Player

Most of America went to bed with no announcement of any deal between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Given Wilson's self-imposed deadline to reach a new agreement by April 15 or cut off all long-term negotiations, there was all sorts of speculation that Wilson's time in the Pacific Northwest might be coming to an end.

About 45 minutes into April 16, that speculation came to a close as Wilson announced on Twitter (while cuddling shirtless in bed with his wife Ciara) that he had reached a deal with the Seahawks. It was 1:12 a.m. Pacific time when ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed that Wilson is now the NFL's highest-paid player. About 20 minutes later NFL Network's Ian Rapoport had the details: four more years and $140 million in new money, with a $65 million signing bonus and $107 million in total guarantees. Add that to his 2019 contract, and Wilson is signed for five years and $157 million. He also has a no-trade clause, virtually guaranteeing he will spend at least the next half-decade in Seattle.


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1 Re: Seahawks Make Wilson NFL's Highest-Paid Player

Wilson deserves the contract, but nfl contracts are sufficiently complicated that its hard to tell what the true cap ramifications since that money can be rolled over and smoothed, or maybe its front loaded in certain years when other contracts fade.

I do think he's asked to carry a pretty weak supporting cast for most of his time in Seattle - but I'm not convinced Wilson could operate a high efficiency pass offense on a week to week basis. That makes assessing his value as a qb harder than you might think.

3 Re: Seahawks Make Wilson NFL's Highest-Paid Player

By DVOA, The Seahawks average out as a top 10 pass offense (maybe just outside of top 5) outside of one year where they ranked first. That's better than what I was expecting.

I think my view on Wilson is this: he doesn't throw interceptions and he makes great third down plays. I think he's a tremendous QB, but he doesn't show the down to down consistency of a great pocket passer. I know I'm holding him to a very high standard and that in itself is a compliment.

4 Re: Seahawks Make Wilson NFL's Highest-Paid Player

"I know I'm holding him to a very high standard..." - I think that's fair when discussing a monster contract like this. I don't have a strong view on this as it's a huge contract for an excellent player, and one that seems unusually durable in a difficult context. I do think it's something they had to do from a marketing point of view with where there team is.