Julio Jones Gets Paid

Like everything else football-related today, it got lost a bit in AB-palooza, but Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones has agreed to a three-year, $66-million extension, with $64 million guaranteed. Jones is now the highest-paid wide receiver in the league, and his future in Atlanta is cemented for the next five years. 

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4 comments, Last at 09 Sep 2019, 3:24pm

1 Don't think there's a WR who…

Don't think there's a WR who deserves it more right now. Too bad his team is getting blown out by the Vikings as I write this.

2 So Jones is now effectively…

So Jones is now effectively on a 5-year $87M contract, and in 2020 or so, Ryan and Jones will be probably taking up ~$50+M of the cap, or probably around 20%. Wow.

I mean, I get that they're both good, but... that's going to be a *huge* jump from the tiny percentage they're currently taking. And with Ryan at 34... yeah, I'm not sure how well that contract pairing is going to look in a few years.

4 Virtually all …

Virtually all "renegotiations" just redistribute money to push it into future years by converting it to a guaranteed bonus. With a short contract like this, there's not much benefit to doing that - especially given the fact that it's this high already, and it's probably 50/50 whether or not either Ryan or Julio get another contract from the Falcons given their age.