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Roethlisberger Out for Year, Brees for Six Weeks

This news seemed important enough to get up for discussion in advance of our usual Injury Aftermath post. So much for our prediction of the Steelers winning the AFC North. That prediction of the Saints as Super Bowl favorites isn't looking too great right now either.

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1 I wouldn't be surprised if…

I wouldn't be surprised if Roethlisberger's career is over. The next time he throws a pass, he'll be 38 and won't have played in almost a year.

Here's something that someone smarter than me could study: Are older quarterbacks more likely to suffer serious injury? There's some logic to it, in that an older QB will have lost a lot of mobility, but somehow I suspect it's not the case.

3 welll, they older guys could…

welll, they older guys could start to have bone problems. osteoporosis may finally end Tom Bardy's career in 2059. Roethlisberger will get slower 40 yd dash wise and react slower tooo whcih means not as quick to get away from defenders. thsi leads to more hits, more times on ground, and more injuries if eh keeps playing. I;'m nto a doctor btu i know certain doctor type thongs. 

9 Age isn’t kind

Well, I can’t speak to QBs, but *I’m* more injury prone than I was in my 20s or even my 30s. I take longer to heal, too. 

Of course, I don’t condition every day and have access to multi million dollar training facilities, doctors, and training staff. 

12 FWIW Will Carroll said that…

FWIW Will Carroll said that older players don't really get hurt more frequently than younger ones (although IIRC he was talking about all injuries, not just "serious" ones), but they take longer to recover. Makes sense to me.

No one seems to have TJS pitchers' ages conveniently available, and data is of course not entirely reliable for various reasons, so it's hard to say if there are any meaningful trends. But FWIW2, in MLB, Billy Wagner (a great relief pitcher known for throwing really hard) had TJS at age 37 and came back a year later pretty much as good as ever, but the comeback lasted only for one more season basically (he declared it would be his final year going in). But Bronson Arroyo (an average-ish, maybe a bit above at his peak, starting pitcher) had it at 38, missed 2 years rehabbing (and required some additional procedures), and stank out loud when he did make it back (not that he was all that great before the surgery).

Based on what I know from MLB, I'd guess Roethlisberger will at least be able to take another NFL snap at some point if he so desires - it's that last part that I have the most question about. If he does so desire, whether he'll still be effective is another question entirely.

Based on his prior effectiveness and public rumination on retirement, I'll predict a Wagner-style one-last-hurrah single season comeback - possibly/probably with the Colts or Bengals.

14 If's & Buts

If the Rams hadn't gone all in on Goff it would be a hell of an experiment. We should all remember this before saying "the only way to get a franchise QB is by bottoming out" - this looks like another possible Manning 2.0.

7 Steeler fans of a certain…

Steeler fans of a certain age have a bad feeling about this. An elbow injury ultimately ended Terry Bradshaw's career. Had surgery after the 1982 season and only played in one more game before retiring.