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Seahawks Claim Josh Gordon off Waivers

Following his release from New England's injured reserve list, wide receiver Josh Gordon has been claimed by the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks were 28th in the waiver order, which means 27 other teams passed on the talented receiver who has struggled to stay healthy and clean in his career.

The Seahawks have said that Gordon will not play this Sunday against Tampa Bay, but they hope to have him available for the Monday night game in San Francisco in Week 10.

In six games with New England this year (all starts), Gordon caught 20 passes for 287 yards and a touchdown. He has 11 DYAR and a -8.75 DVOA, ranking in the 50s in both categories.


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2 Depends on whether MJ was…

Depends on whether MJ was the actual reason for his problems with the NFL. The league office is vague into the extreme on the specifics. 

But if the Seahawks can get 8 weeks of clean Gordon, their prospects are considerably enhanced.

16 I think his on-field…

I think his on-field performance was fine.  He definitely opened things up for Edelman.  As I understand it he was starting to be habitually late for practices and inattentive during meetings.

3 Yes, with Wilson's sexy deep…

Yes, with Wilson's sexy deep ball accuracy, a receiving corps of Tyler Lockett, D J Metcalf and a clean and focused Gordon would give opposing DBs fits. But some pot shops in Seattle are within stumbling distance of one another.

5 As someone who supports the…

As someone who supports the legalization of all drugs... good luck, Josh.

Still, this is a shot in the dark, with minimal downside, yet minimal upside. Despite his talent, there's a reason he was available on waivers, midway through his 8th (!!!) season.

Along with the relapse risk, he's getting old. It stuns me that so many people treat him as some promising young prospect, based on a handful of great performances from 2013 - i.e. 6 years ago. At this point, he has a similar timeline & career arc as... Kaepernick.

What's the O/U on how long he lasts in Seattle? 4.5 weeks?

6 He had 18 yards/rec on 58%…

He had 18 yards/rec on 58% catch percentage just last year, good for 14th in DVOA for what that's worth, and he played pretty well in his limited time this year. He's not going to put up 1600 yards again, but above-averageness seems to still be a realistic possibility; I'd call that more than minimal upside.

Which is why I'm a little perturbed that new England just released him. It's not like their receiving corps is some murderer's row of All-Pros. It suggests to me that they know something we don't, either in terms of his injury status or his off-field activities. Or maybe (hopefully) they're just wrong.

15 Pats' WR depth

1. Edelman

2. Sanu

Both clearly ahead of Gordon.

3. Dorsett

Similar level of talent, has been more productive this season maybe?  Not really.

4. Jakobi Meyers

Promising young talent, not really competing for the same job because Meyers is young and cheap.

5. Gunner of Special Teams

Kept around for special teams contributions, though he was inactive yesterday.

Feels like BB gave up on Gordon becoming more than a shadow of his former self.  Dorsett hasn't exactly been lighting things up, and yet the Pats prefer him over Gordon.  

12 I wasn't aware that people…

I wasn't aware that people were still claiming he was a "promising young prospect"...


It's true regarding his 8th season. He would've been on the original rookie contract until he was 40 before he was released, the way he wasn't able to get "accrued" seasons often.